Friday, September 2, 2016

Marilyn Says:

First, I want everyone to know that Grandmother Olive and Grandfather Albert came through the hurricane last night.  The main hit in Florida was a little way north of them.  They did have a lot of rain and wind.  They are still expecting more rain.

Also, today I am going to have lunch with Anna, Jean and myself.  Elmer wants me to bring Pierre along so he can see that Comfurt Collar around Pierre's neck.  It will be coming off Pierre on Sunday.

Also, thought that maybe every once in a while, I might take a week off.  Maybe I won't, I don't know.  Next time I hope to give you notice.

Monday, we should be back to normal and everything going again.  Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.  Pierre and I really appreciate them and needed them.

Marilyn and Pierre


Vickie said...

Good news in this post!! I think you need to pick a day off EVERY week here Marilyn. How about the Lord's day? Or yes, take more days. We will all be here for you. You have a great lunch with Anna, Elmer and Jean. AND Pierre. ;) Take care now.♥

Tom said...

Please have send us some rain.

Anonymous said...

First...thank you for updating us about the Florida folks. Could have been a scary time down there.

Marilyn, you deserve a day OFF whenever you want to take one. You and everyone else have put so much time and effort into your blog. We all appreciate it, but don't expect you to be here every day!

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Everyone,
Thank you all for your compliments and messages. So glad Grandmother Olive and Grandfather Albert came through the hurricane so well.

I usually take Sunday off. Even if something special falls on Sunday, I usually do it ahead and have it come on Sunday. The osprey will be leaving for the south soon, so that will go off Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your afternoon with "family" today. May the Lord bless and keep all of you. Carol

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Carol,

Thank you very much.

Blessing to you and yours,