Monday, November 7, 2016


Marilyn's friend Randy passed away last Saturday morning at 7:00.  She made a mistake on age, he was 59.  She was going to put it at the bottom, but I said someone's passing is a time for mourning, but also a time of joy.  Yes, we Amish cry like you do when our friends and relatives pass, but we also believe that death is a time of joy - our friend or relative has gone to be with the Lord.  Their suffering is over.  So we believe for Randy.

Also, we believe that when our time comes, we too, will go to be with the Lord - that we will again see our friends and relatives.  Any pain or suffering we have endured on the earth, also we will be over.  Our times of sadness will be times of joy.

As we live our time on on earth, we should remember the good memories of our friends and relatives.  Mourning, in our hearts, should only last a short time.  The happy and pleasure of the time we had together should be the most important.

Carol asked if we participate in the "time change"?  As humans we can go on the "time change", but it is hard to get cows, horses and other animals on the change.

We Amish run on standard time - most of the time.  So most of our clocks are on standard time all year around.  During day light savings time, we keep one that time, so if we are to meet someone or do something and we were given day light time, we are on time.

Animals must be fed and cows milked the same time.  Ours are on standard time - all year around.

Jean and David do change their clocks with the time, but they have one clock that is on standard time all year around.  They, too, have their animals on standard time.  It sounds confusing, but somehow we always meet or do something at the same time.  We are all on the same track during standard time.
Actually, we wish that there was one time all year around.  We prefer standard time, but we know a lot of people like day light savings.   Whatever one, but keep it all year round.  Doubt we will every see it.

Jean is too polite to say anything when I say something wrong on my post.  Anna is not.  When I said Michael was Jean and David's first son to leave, Anna said what about Thomas?  Anna is correct, Thomas was their first son to marry and leave their home.  I apologize.  Even though they didn't say anything, I believe I did not please Thomas and Ruth, either.  Like I tell Anna, I can't remember all the children and grandchildren in our family much less Jean's.  Anna says that is not excuse.

Trust God's Wisdom,


Vanssmomc said...

Good Morning Marilyn, So sorry to hear of your friend Randy's passing. You are in my thoughts and prayers. And I must agree with Elmer, I don't care for the time change either. It always messes with my sleep and also none of our pets have ever paid attention to the time change. You take care Marilyn and I am thinking of you! Cathy in Webster

Tom said...

Marilyn, I sorry to learn of the loss of your friend Randy. 59 is so young these days. Elmer, we need the women in our lives to help keep this straight...what would we do without them!

Vickie said...

Dear Marilyn, I am sorry for your loss.

I have never cared for the time changes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn, Sorry for the loss of your friend.
Hi Elmer, Thanks for answering my question re "time change". You're right re the time changes. No way anyone can get their livestock on the "clock changes". The solution you mentioned is perfect-not confusing to me at all.
You know, I was thinking the same as Anna re Michael moving from home. But I think sometimes it can be hard to keep everybody straight. I'm sure Thomas and Ruth will forgive you😇.
Blessings to all, In Christ, Carol

Heritage Hall said...

Marilyn, so sorry to hear of Randy's passing ...May you be surrounded
in love and prayers.
Elmer - So many people seem happier on Daylight time, that to have it
year-round might make for a more cheerful existence. I think the "change"
is what is disruptive....just when you get settled's time to change.
I like your unchanging cycle with the exception of a clock to keep up with
the appointments with the changers...
Have a most blessed day.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Folks,
Thank you all so much for your sympathy,prayers and thoughts. Tomorrow is the viewing and funeral. Also, another friend of mine passed away. My Mom use to say it happens in three - I hope not.

I will see that Elmer gets all your messages.