Friday, December 23, 2016


These are the Christmas pictures I found on Randy's Facebook.  My favorite is the second one.  You don't know how many times I have tried to get that picture at night and it doesn't come out on my camera.  I am going to have this one made into a picture and hang it on my wall. Picture five is of Noble, his fiancee's kitty cat.  The last picture was taken of Main Street in our town.  Must have been last year as we didn't have any snow then.

There will be a post on Christmas Day.


Tom said...

Number two is my favorite too...Merry Christmas Marilyn.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Tom,

That's my favorite, too. Am trying to figure how to get that on my camera so I can have it made into a picture. I want to hang it in my house.

Merry Christmas, Tom,

Vickie said...

That cardinal makes me laugh. What a face! Thanks for sharing Marilyn.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,

He is cute. Glad to share it.

Merry Christmas,