Monday, January 9, 2017


I hope everyone had a very religious Christmas and Happy New Year.  It hardly seems that we are starting another new year.

For some reason Thomas and Ruth wanted their Christmas with all her family and us at her parents house or our house.  It was decided at our house.  After Christmas dinner and the opening of presents, Thomas said they had another present for all of us.  That got our attention.  We all looked around.  Then Thomas announced that Ruth was with child.  We are going to be grandparents.  All us were hugging and happy and talking at once.

When we had all settled down, Little David asked what that made him.  I explained he would be an uncle.  He asked if we had to adopt it.  David Sr. and I explained that we adopted Thomas, so that meant we didn't have to adopt the baby. Then little David wanted to know what he had to do for the baby.  We told him to pray for him and love him. Oh, is that all he said.  We explained that it sounds like an easy job, but it isn't always that easy, but for now that was fine.

Ruth is going to the same doctor that Sarah went to when she and John had their baby.  They haven't decided if they will have the baby at home or in the hospital.  In one way we hope they go to the hospital, but on the other hand, we wish they would have it at home.

That led to another subject.  Thomas wants to start building their new home as soon as the ground lets them.  He would like it done before the child comes.  He, and David went out and looked at the property to decide what they would build where.  Ruth said she didn't care too much about the outside except she wanted a garden and a place to plant flowers.  The inside is what she wants the say on.

Having heard the good news has also gotten Susan, Katie and I knitting clothes for the new baby.  Also, we have set up some dates for quilting.  David Sr. was going to make the crib for the baby, but Thomas said that he wanted to make it.  David understood it as he made the crib for our children.  So, David decided he would make a dresser for the bedroom.  Michael and Edward are up to making something, but they have not decided what yet.

I think the happiest thing for Edward during this is when Thomas and Ruth get their house built, he will get his Grandmother's house.  Thomas said he is going to leave him something when they move.  Something he wanted, but David Sr. talked Edward out of.  So Edward is running through his mind what it could be as he wanted several things in the house that David talked him out of.

We wonder if Edward has plans.  He has been seeing a few ladies, but lately has been seeing the same one.  She has been at our home a few times.  So, we wonder if he has plans with this year.

Michael is going with an Englisher girl.  She is attending the local college and works.  Bishop Joseph, David and I are upset.  Martha, reminded Bishop Joseph that she was Englisher when they met.  She changed and became Old Order Mennonite.

Keven and Bridget's Martha is growing so fast.  She is also spoiled.  Martha said that Kevin and Bridget's attitude had changed since Martha was born.  They had seemed so sad before.  Now, she says they are just tired from the baby waking during the night.  Martha told them that this to will pass.

I guess I told you most of what is going on here.  The men are going over all the farm equipment so they will be ready with spring planting.  Also, planning on Thomas and Ruth's house, when the Lord allows the weather to build it.

Be With God,


Tom said...

Certainly a busy year ahead!

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Tom,
They sure do.


Anonymous said...

Such exciting news!! Congratulations Thomas and Ruth with the baby and new house on the horizon! Many blessings for David,Sr/you and all your "growing"family! Carol

Vickie said...

Oh this post is bursting with blessings! How beautiful. Congratulations!! So happy for you all.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Everyone,

Will see that Jean gets your messages.