Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Elmer's Post

Well, I am back.  With Marilyn not feeling well, some of us got together with Michael, he runs a computer, and has access to Marilyn's, we decided to put some things with Michael's work and Marilyn's permission.  So, I am putting on a post today and we will have a receipe on Thursday or Friday.

This is a little different with Michael - I don't have to call him.  I can go to his apartment, sit in a chair and tell him what I want on and he types it on the computer.  Amish are not allowed to use computers. Neither, is Old Order Mennonite.  But Michael was not baptized in the church, so he can use one as long as it is not in his parents home.  Michael says what is funny is that Marilyn can use her computer at Jean and David's home, but he can't.

Anyway, I finally got over the flu.  Anna told you about me and the lady doctor.  She was a nice doctor, and I guess she told me.  At the time, I didn't laugh, but after I thought about it a while she was right and I laughed.  Between the doctor and Anna, I finally recovered.  Anna said I better get used to lady doctor because if our doctor retires, as it looks like he will, she will be talking over.

Marilyn has asked Anna to go to the doctors with her.  This coming Friday, they go to Marilyn's family doctor.  Then they are going to a surgeon doctor at another time.  Anna promised she would go into the room with her, even if the doctor said no.

Marilyn was going to drive and Anna was going to take the driver, but I thought that Marilyn shouldn't drive if she is upset and not feeling well.  So, Anna will take the driver and the driver has agreed to pick up Marilyn and driver her, too.  After doctor and then maybe lunch, the driver will take Marilyn home and bring Anna home.

So, we ask to keep Marilyn in your prayers.

I thank Michael for agreeing to do this.  He said he will do it as long as Marilyn is in sick bay, so we may be doing this again.

Trust God's Wisdom,


Vanssmomc said...

Hope all goes with Marilyn. Sorry to hear she is still not feeling well. In my thoughts and prayers. Cathy in Webster

littlemancat said...

Thank you Elmer and Michael. Your updates on your health and Marilyn's is much appreciated. Had to chuckle about you and the lady doctor. And it's such a good idea for Anna to accompany Marilyn - another set of ears and also to ask questions that Marilyn may not think of as she's not feeling well. All good thoughts and prayers to her.

Vickie said...

I am so glad Anna will accompany Marilyn. What comfort and wisdom she brings.Thank you Michael for doing this. How are you doing Michael. I would like to know what you are up to these days if you would care to share? God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elmer+Michael, Thank you for the update. How is all going with you, Michael? Do you like your apartment+how is work? Blessings to the both of you and your respective families. Carol

Diann said...

Hello Elmer! Good to hear from you again and a big thank you to you and Michael for the update! We are all worried about Marilyn and will continue to keep her in our prayers. Glad to hear that Anna will be with her at the doctor's. Wishing her all the best!

Tom said...

Elmer, you and Anna are good friends!

Rosemary said...

So glad Anna will go with Marilyn. Thank you Elmer and Michael for posting.
Praying for our dear Marilyn.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for comments, thoughts and prayers. I don't have to tell Elmer and Anna what you said because Michael will take care of that. So glad they decided to help. I didn't want to lose everyone on New York State of Mind.

Thank you, so much,