Monday, February 27, 2017


I guess Elmer and I  really blew it last week.  We heard from my Mom (Jean) and Anna.  They said if you aren't going to do a good job then don't do the job at all.  When we apologized, they both said MEN.  But Anna did come through when the recipes.

Someone asked how I like my room or apartment.  I like it.  I can have what I want in it.  It's my own place, I can do what I want more or less. This is in my friend's parents house.  He lives with his parents.  So I suppose if I did anything bad, his parents would call my parents.  I don't think my parents really understand why I want it. They think I have it just so I can have things that are not allowed in their house.  But, that's not true.  Yes, I have the computer, DVD, television, etc. that are not allowed in their house, but I can't explain it.  I just need a place of my own for a while.

As my work building is at my parents house, I see them every day.  I usually arrive for breakfast, then go to work.  I also help my Father on the farm.  Sometimes I leave before supper.  Sometimes I stay for supper.  On Sunday, I usually go to church with them - either meet them at church or the house.

I tell them that Thomas left the house, but they said he was married.  When Thomas and Ruth get their new house, Edward will move in his Grandmother's house.  I told them are letting him go - he's not married, but they say that is different.  Anyway, that's parents.

I had to court because, they call them my natural parents, but I do not consider them my parents came up for parole at prison.  Now that I am 18, the judge wanted a statement from me.  I told them about what life had been with them.  I guess the attorneys talked or something, but they did not get a parole. I guess court goes through this every so many years, even when they know they aren't going to let them out.  I told the court Jean and David are my parents now.

As Marilyn said, I got my drivers license.  I don't have a car yet.  I asked her if I could drive her aound last Saturday.  She asked my parents if it was all right and they said yes.  I told her that my parents would have a fit if I had an accident or ticket.  Marilyn said, never mind about your parents fit, worry about her fit if I get an accident or ticket - it's her car.  I didn't get either.

I guess Marilyn wanted to go around where we live, but I wanted to see some of things she had on New York State of Mind.  We went through the clock museum.  Went to the one room school house, but it was closed, but I liked seeing the outside.  I wanted to see the train crossing where she took all the train pictures, so we went there - but no train at the time we were there.

She made me take the back roads.  I thought because she didn't think I was safe on the road, but she said she wanted some pictures.  She let me take a picture of a barn, but it came out lousy, but she likes it.  One place we pulled on a bridge and stopped.  I asked if she was crazy.  She said people seldom use this bridge.  So she took pictures while the car was in the middle of the bridge.  She was right, no one came until we were headed back.  I think the pictures will go on this week or next.  She called me her chauffeur for the day.

When it came to put the post on - everyone has a symbol at the top of the page.  I took a picture of her car.  I guess that's all I have to say.

Be With God,


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Michael, for the post. It was very good.

Bonnie said...

Very well done Michael. At your age, you are living in a time where your life is always making changes. Your adopted parents LOVE you very much and do not want to see you have troubles in your life. It would hurt them as much as it would hurt you. I understand why you want to have your own things and your own place - I remember my son (whose name is also Michael) saying the same things to me many years ago, and he turned out to be a very well loved and responsible man.
I think of the man on Public Radio who always gives the good advice of:

Lily said...

Good post, Michael. Hope to see more.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning,
I don't have to call Michael with your comments like I do other people as he will get your comments on his computer. Right now, he is probably working, going my hi schedule. I really lthank him for giving us this post.


Vickie said...

This was a treat. I enjoyed hearing from Michael.
You are doing well Michael. Making Jean and David and all of us proud.

littlemancat said...

Thanks Michael - it was good to hear about how you're doing and your point of view about your moving. Your parents love you,it's the way good parents are, worriers. You'll understand this more as the years go by. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

So great to hear from you, Michael! Thanks for posting and looking forward to more. Your parents and siblings love you more than you probably realize. God loves you more. Each day that goes by is a a day in which to grow ever closer to the Lord through His Word, prayer, and witnessing the examples given by your family and friends(like Elmer+Anna for one example). Walk with the Lord always, for He will never leave nor forsake you;draw near to Him and He will draw near to you. Many blessings to you, Michael. In Christ, Carol

Tom said...

Michael, I wish you the best as you find your way through life...always make good decisions.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Folks,
Michael was surprized at all you had to say to him and thanks you all. He said he didn't know how to reply. I said like he was talking with friends. I told him he can talk about me when I am not well, he can talk here, but he seems shy. So, he asked me to tell you he really appreciataes your kindness for him.


dynnamae n said...

Thank you, Michael for this post and for taking Marilyn out for that drive. I am sure you have a good head on your shoulders. It is natural for parents to have concerns for their children. I am sure Jean and David have helped you have a stronger foundation for building your life. Rely on God for your strength and wisdom and you will do fine. Marilyn, I hope you are feeling better and getting stronger each and every day. Hugs for you and Pierre.