Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Michael has taken filling in for Marilyn very seriously on here.  He said to me: " Mom you haven't been on New York State of Mind since January." I told him I had, but he had checked back and was right.  So he told me this week was my week.

Right now, the men are out checking the generators to make sure they will work well, if the coming snow storm hits hard and our power goes off.  We really are concerned if the power goes off in the building where we store people's food.

I was hanging my laundry this morning and noticed that, as usual, all us Old Order Mennonite and the Amish wash and hang their clothes every Monday morning - rain, snow, or sunshine.  From where I live, I can see their laundry and they can see mine.

Elmer forgot to tell you that he, Anna, Bishop Eli and his wife are suppose to leave Tuesday for Pinecraft in Florida.  They are going to Rochester today and get a hotel room near Amtrak so they will be close tomorrow morning.  If the snow makes them cancel Amtrak leaving they may stay another night to see if it leave's the next day or come home depending on the weather reports.  They have reservations with Amtrak.  I think they are planning to stay about a month, but Bishop Eli has to be back before Palm Sunday, which is April 9th, so I guess it will be a little less than a month.

Their families, church members and our family are going to keep an eye on their farms while they are gone.  Michael, Edward and Thomas will be plowing snow so, they will make sure their farm is clear so people can get in and out to feed the animals, milk the cows, etc.

Thomas and Ruth are getting things together for their child, when it comes.  It's not due until about June.  Thomas built the baby's cradle.  David, my husband, built a matching dresser.  Then Ruth said she would like a baby table, so Thomas built that.  They are stored in the attic.  Of course, us ladies have been making clothes, blankets and quilts for the baby.

We are hoping we get an early Spring so they can built their new house.  It doesn't take long to get the house up.  It's the inside that takes a lot more time.  Of course every new house person wants their house just about perfect.

Being in Foster Care, we got a call that they would like to bring a child to us for an extended stay.  David laughed and said every previous extended stay we had, we adopted, and never left.  Well, Thomas and Michael moved, but they live very close to us.  It is unusual they call days ahead.  They usually call and ask if we will take the child and if we say yes, they bring it right over.  This one is a 16 year old girl.  When I told Susan and Katie, they said she will even the score between how many men and ladies we have in our home.

I have gotten one of our bedrooms ready for her.  She will be accepted as member of our family.  This week, she is suppose to come and we look forward to meeting her.  We are not her first Foster Home and she is not coming for anything she did.  I don't ask why they are changing Foster Home, but that doesn't matter - she's coming here.

We have been very blessed.  All the children we have had - and there have been several who had come, stayed a few days and either went back to their family or were transfered, we have never had real problems with.

If you have any questions, we could use some to answer.

Be With God,


Tom said...

Jean and David, what a blessing that you share your love and home with children in need.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Tom,

It is.


littlemancat said...

I agree with Tom - offering a safe haven for someone is such a gift of love.
Such an interesting post. Love to hear how everyone's doing.
Many thanks for writing. Sounds as if Michael is keeping everyone on their toes. :-)

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Mary,
I think it takes special people do offer a safe haven like they do. Jean did not think her post would be interesting. Michael is keeping everyone on their toes.


Vickie said...

Good for Elmer, Anna, Bishop Eli and his wife. I hope they get to Florida easily.
Such wonderful plans are underway for Thomas and Ruth's little one.
I am praying for the young lady coming to stay with Jean and David.
We got over 13 inches of snow yesterday!

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,
Elmer, Anna, Bishop Eli and his wife are trying to get out of here. I don't know if they did or not yet. They picked the worse day. Of course, they didn't know it when they made reservations. Thank you for your prayers, I know they are appreciated. We only have a few inches, so far, but it's coming down.

Hugs to Mable, Henry and Murphy,
Pierre and Marilyn

dynnamae n said...

Good morning Marilyn. It was so good to hear from Jean. What a blessing their family is to the foster care system. I'm sure there is no better place to be, whether temporary or being adopted by Jean and David. Thanks to Michael encouraging his mom to write again. I do hope Elmer, Anna, Eli and his wife, have a safe trip to Fla. It's good to get away from some winter. Hugs to you and Pierre. Keep warm and safe.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi dynnamae n,
I am glad Michael got Jean on again. They have a great Foster Home at their house. Haven't heard if Elmer, Anna, Bishop Eli and Emma got there yet or not. They picked a good time to go even though they didn't know when they made the reservations.Hugs to you and hugs to you kitties