Monday, August 7, 2017


This is a busy time right now.  As usual we are taking care of the animals, growing crops in the field, taking care of the food storage and getting Tom an Ruth's house up.  The outside of the house was done in a day with all our friends and relatives working.  It's the inside they are working on now.  We work on the inside when we can.  Thomas and Ruth are still in Edward's house.  We have our roadside stand up again this year.  David said that no woman is to go down to the stand alone.  If two or more can't go, then stay home and let people put their money in the jar.  He is still concerned about what happened to those Amish girls a few years back.  He says we are more important to him than
crops, flowers, canned goods or baked goods.

Margaret is coming more comfortable in our home.  We had a hard time getting her with the folks her age until we had a young folks get together at our house.  It was on a Saturday night and the folks were from age 16 and older.  We had a soft ball game and volley ball game for them to play, after which we had food and soft drinks for them to eat.

At first, Margaret just set up the tables and put out the food.  We figured at least she was doing something among the people.  A man about her age, came up to her and started talking.  It seems he was a  Foster Child that had recently moved into a home in our area. Another man brought him to the party so he could meet more Mennonite men and ladies in the area.  I told Margaret she could stop setting things out and go talk with this gentleman, but she didn't at first.  She ate with Michael and Edward and the ladies they had sitting with them.  I don't think the fellows were two happy but they didn't say anything.

At prayer and singing time, the ladies sit together and the men sit together.  After prayer and singing some of the folks decided on one last game of volley ball before they went home.  I noticed that Margaret and her friend were together on the same side of the team.  She is good at that game.  She really hit those balls.  Scored a few points for her team.

Margaret went to the last folks group.  Her gentleman friend brought her home in his buggy.  We are so glad to see her out meeting people.

School starts soons.  Our schools start in August, but they get  out in May.  Some of the boys have to take off in the fall to help with fall harvest.  David,  our youngest, starts school this year.  He does not want to go.  Sees no reason for it.  Working the farm is all he needs to know.  We are trying to change his mind.  Either way his mind goes - he still has to go to school.

Be With God,


Vickie said...

Oh what a wonderful update from you Jean. Thomas and Ruth must be so excited for their home. I am so happy for Margaret.
I am praying for you Marilyn.

dynnamae n said...

Very nice to see Jean's post. Good to hear news about Thomas, Ruth and Margaret. Keeping you in my prayers, Marilyn. Hugs to you.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,
I will see that everyone gets your message. Thank you so much for your prayers.


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Dynnamae n,
Will see that everyone gets your message. Thank you so much for your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update, Jean. Glad to hear about Margaret.
God bless everyone.

littlemancat said...

So enjoyed hearing from Jean again and getting a great update. Been thinking of you, Marilyn, and hoping you're doing well.
Thanks for the post.

Tom said... best to Margaret!

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Mary and Tom,
Thank you for your compliments. I will see that everyone gets your messages.

Bless you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn, Great to read the post from Jean. Sounds like everything's coming along in a positive way! Praying that's true for you also. Many blessings for all! Carol

Anonymous said...

Marilyn: it's so good to hear from you and hope you are better. I have a question for your Amish/Mennonite posters. What occasions can a female wear pants and bathing suits? I read a book written by a younger male teacher (Old Order) not a novel, who accompanied his younger sisters and brothers and their teenage family friends on a train trip with stops that included climbing, hiking and swimming. Just curious, as we all think Old Order women always wear long dresses. Respectfully, Carol in SC