Monday, February 11, 2013


I am so happy to be back. Missed doing my posts every week.  First, I would like to thank Martha for filling in for me during our move.  Also, her, Joseph, and their children helped us get  moved and are storing some of our items for our new house in their attic.

Appreciate your kindness and questions for my Grandmother Olive.  I appreciate her doing the posts on the wood burning stove and preseasoning cast iron pots and pans which is coming up this Friday. 

We are finally living in Kevin and Bridget's new house with some items in a storage, Martha and Joseph's attic and in the barn.  Some of the boxes we will have to go through when we get to our new house as we just didn't have time to go through them when we moved.  We never thought we would go through this much to move-but with a house that has had three generations-there was lot in there.

I asked Marilyn if she could put in a picture of the house we lived in.  This is what the outside looked like before we had the fire.  After the fire we put on a different siding, so it doesn't look the same now, but this is the way we want to remember as we lived in it so many years.  I thank Richard for allowing me to have it on here and Marilyn for going all through Amish Stories previous posts to find it.  After she found it, she made it into a photo for our house.  We can't have pictures of people, but we can this house.

We didn't make the closing on January 15th as both David Sr. and Edward landed in the hospital with the flu  David told me to have Joseph, Martha's husband, call the people and explain the situation, which Joseph did.  The people were very nice.  They had decided when they get possession they were going to have the wiring taken out of the house and the new walls in before they moved in.  They are going to stay with their daughter and son-in-law until the house got done.  All they wanted was the barn for their animals.  So, we had our animals moved to Kevin and Bridget's-Kevin and his brothers took care of them until we got moved there.  Our barns were ready for the Amish people's animals.  The Amish lady spoke with me and told me that the delay was God's will and not to worry about it.  While staying with her daughter and son-in-law she was also going to be with her grandchildren.  They got to New York on January 14th and were at our house to help us on the 15th-even went to the hospital and visited Edward and David with me.

We closed the sale on January 22nd-a week later than we were suppose to-but Edward and David were out of the hospital.  The afternoon before the closing, we all made a final walk through.  In a way it was like losing a friend we had lived in for many years. The one who took it the hardest was Michael.  We hadn't given thought about the facts, that Michael had not had a stable home until he came here-now he was losing it.  David explained he wasn't losing the stability or our family-just the house.  We are a family in Kevin and Bridget's house, in our new house, and were in our old house.  After we got outside, he wanted to take one last walk through by himself and we let him.  He came back with tears in his eyes, which we got, too.

We spent the evening in Kevin and Bridget's house with  cocoa and popcorn talking about the memories in the old house.  The good times, bad times, funny times and just everything in general.  It was a nice evening and I think Michael felt better.  .

David, laughing, says he knows why Kevin wanted us to have the house before they did.  There have been several things that needed adjusted or enforced.  Our stove would not fit in where it should go.  It was off just a fraction of an inch-so David repaired it-now the stove fits.  A couple of the bedroom doors didn't close right and David adjusted them.  In the bathroom the cupboard wasn't attached to wall as solid as it should have been, so David fixed that.  Kevin does not like to do this type of work.  He prefers farming or something he can take apart and put back together again.

We notice in the new house, that many of the rooms are bigger in Kevin's house than in our old house-especially the bedrooms. Bathrooms are bigger, too.  Ours will be bigger in our house.  Of course our old house was built in the 1940's.  Things have changed since then.

After our new house is built, the Amish people that bought our farm are going to have our barns torn down and new ones built.  David's father build the original barn after the previous one burned down.  He and we have added on to that barn-so a new one would be nice.

I told David, I never want to move again, but he tells me, I have to move one more time.  I hope it is the last.  Really don't like all this moving-sorting, packing and unpacking.

Thank you for waiting for my return.

Be With God,




New York State Of Mind said...

Glad that Jean, David and family are in there new house. Of course they can hardly wait until they start building the new one.

Welcome back Jean,

Anonymous said...

Hello Jean -good to have you back-you have been missed-glad you are all now settled-have enjoyed your Grandmothers posts very much

Glad you were able to find the photo Marilyn it is a lovely house


New York State Of Mind said...

Hello Fionalina,
I will give Jean your message. Jean's Grandmother will be back on Friday.

I enjoyed going through Amish Stories posts to get the picture. Seeing all those posts again. I am glad I got the picture for Jean, too.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Jean. Moving is an adventure, so much to go through, so many memories.
I enjoyed your grandmother's post.
jodie from MO

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Jodie,

I will pass the message on to Jean. I know she will appreciate them.

Jean's Grandmother is coming back on Friday.


Vickie said...

Good Morning Jean! Oh, moving, who does like it?! I cried when we left the home our children grew up in. So many memories right?
I hope that you all stay well now. It will be exciting to have a brand new home won't it?

Chasity said...

Welcome back Jean!

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,
I will tell Jean. I moved many times and I always say that is the last one, but so far it has happened that way. I hope my move last year to this apartment is my last. There are so many memories. Jean can hardly wait until they start her new house.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Chasity,
I will tell Jean.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean! Yes, welcome back! I'm agreeing with you that the next move will be your last. It's great you do have a number of people to help. Hopefully the new Amish owners will love your previous home as much as you have, thanking God for His grace and mercy and provision. Marilyn, Love the pics you posted. Beautiful, yes, and at the same time potentially dangerous-no taking strolls around them, right? Take care+God Bless you all, Carol

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Carol,
I will tell Jean what you said. I am sure she will appreciate them. The people that bought their house likes it because it backs up to their daughter and son-in-law's farm. Glad you love the pics. I didn't walk back there, took the pictures from the porch. They are all melted now.
God Bless You and Yours,

Gerritje H. said...

Oh Jean,
I feel for you and your family.After 35 years we are moving from Pennsylvania to Washington State.Our children both moved there and have been begging us to come out.My husband's brother is there too,so we'll have lots of family,where we have none here.I just started sorting and packing.I didn't realize how much stuff you collect over the years,but it's a good opportunity to purge,clean and begin your new life with LESS...You are in my thoughts and prayers!

New York State Of Mind said...

Hello Gerritje H,
I will pass your comments along to Jean. My heart is with you while you move. I've done it a few times. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


kymber said...

Marilyn, friend, please tell Jean that i am thrilled that she is back! but make sure to also tell her what a wonderful job Martha and Olive did in her absence...i am looking forward to Olive's next post this week and can't wait for Martha to return. i am so happy that everything is working out in Jean's new house until she moves to her "actual" new house, and i was greatly touched to hear that Michael was so moved leaving the only stable household he had ever known. please tell Jean to take extra special care of him over the next few weeks, i know that she will, but his poor heart must be heavy and although he can work like a man, he is still really a child. wow. what a wonderful post from Jean. Marilyn, you know that i always feel wonderful when i read a post on your blog...this one feels especially wonderful. it is a gorgeous, sunny, bright blue day out there after having 2 and a half days of storm. no biggee tho...we survived it well, didn't lose power, read lots of books and talked about this year's garden - ya gotta love a good storm to do that to you eh?

your friend, and a friend to all who post here. i love coming here Marilyn!


New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Kymber,
I will tell Jean what you said. Martha might be back sooner than we thought because people asked her question and she wants to answer them. Olive is also going to have another post in the hear future telling of when she grew up. I know Jean is taking care of Michael regarding the moving. She thinks he will feel better when they get the new home. He and Edward have already picked out their bedrooms from the plans. We had a lot of snow but we made it through. Didn't lose our power.

sheila said...

Jean, it's so good to see you back. I can surely understand how sad it was to leave your old home, so many memories. So much sorting and packing too, oh my, I don't even want to think about packing here if I should ever move. Don't work too hard, it will get done. It will be exciting and to do all over again when your new home is finished.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hello Sheila,
I will pass your message on to Jean. I don't think any of us like to move. Been there. Do that and I don't want to do it again. I am sure Jean feels the same way.

annie said...

So glad to read her story, happy she is back. I really enjoyed the story Olive did, and hope to read her upcoming one as well. I am enjoying the blog so much, thank you all for sharing.

Countryside Reflections said...

I enjoyed reading about Jean and her family moving, and I hope we'll hear about the new house as it's being built. With pictures too. ~Doreen

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Doreen,
Glad you enjoyed it. I hope to take pictures of their building the house. Last time a house was built with the Old Order Mennonite and Amish they didn't want me to because they were afraid I would take pictures of the people. I hope that they know be long enough that they will let me this time. It was okay with Jean, but the Bishop didn't want me to. Since having them okay the school pictures, I hope they trust me with my camera. I would show them the pictures and they could decide what they wanted in New York State of Mind.