Monday, July 29, 2013


I know I messed up the system.  I was suppose to be all the Monday's but the last one each month.  I think I will get it right next month.

We did go to court and it is over.  Edward and Katie are our Foster Children until our adoptions go through.  Finally we got to court and found out who is filing and causing us all this.  The judge took Michael and Edward in separately to talk to them privately.  Even though they are minors, he wanted to hear what they thought of their treatment at our residence.  Also took in my parents, David's parents and Grandmother Olive and Grandfather Albert.  I don't know what Grandmother and Grandfather said, but when the judge came out he said that Grandmother Olive missed her calling and she should have been an attorney - she asked better questions than any attorney on either side of this case.

The person that started this was a distant relative of Edwards that he didn't even remember.  Hadn't seen this person since he was a little child.  The people filing didn't want to take care of him, but didn't want us to either especially seeing about the Old Order Mennonites in Canada, which hasn't gone to trial yet  We are happy it is over.  Social Services will still inspect our house from time to time like they always do.

Someone asked how Katie is doing. She still misses her parents.  Her great-grandparents gave us a scrap book of pictures of her parents and family.  Usually we do not have pictures, but our Bishop allowed the scrap book for Katie.  She and Susan are like two peas in a pod, but Susan will be starting school next month, so we are taking Katie places with David and I so she gets use to Susan not being here all the time.

Katie has her chores and is doing well.  She still wonders why we don't have a car as it is faster than our horse and buggy and why she can't watch cartoons.  We explain our ways to her.  She says "oh" and just goes along with us.

David, Michael and Edward got her new bedroom set done and in her room.  We took the other set back to Martha and Joseph's.  We also got her a new mattress and box spring.  She really likes her bedroom.

We don't have to teach her English, we are teaching our German-Dutch language.  She helps us work in the garden, in the kitchen, chores in feeding the chickens, collecting the eggs, in the green houses and more.   Meetings (church) use to be long for her, but she has gotten use to it.  She has also made lots of friends.

Edward finally got his walking cast.  Now he can walk with a cane.  He still uses the wheel chair in the kitchen.  Gets around the kitchen better with the chair.

I know there are question you have asked, so I will be answering them in the next post.

Be With God,


Veronica said...

Oh Jean I am so happy for all of you. I new God would be faithful to put all these things behind you in his time. Good to read that Edward has gotten his walking cast because I am sure it is hard to keep a boy from doing things. That was also wonderful of your bishop to allow you to keep the book for Katie. He obviously cares about these children also. What a wonderful day it will be when the adoptions ate final. I believe the Lord has great plans for all of you and he has placed these children with you for a special purpose. I hope you and David have come through all this with a sense of peace. That is great that Grandma Olive asked so many questions. I believe it also shows how much love and concern she has for the children and your family. Time to move forward and leave all that in the past. I will continue to pray for all of you and thank you for keeping us up to date. Blessings from Canada. Hi to you also Marilyn. I hope you are coming along after your fall and that Pierres paw is healing up. I am also thinking of you also!! Take care and have a wonderful week. Veronica

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Veronica,
Thank you so much for your compliments. Jean's view is that all this happened for a reason. Maybe only God knows the reason or to make their stronger, she isn't sure, but there was a reason. Edward is glad for the walking cast, too. Pierre's paw is coming and so am I.


Amelia Clark said...

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New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Amelia Clark,
Thank you for coming. I hope you will keep coming back.


Vickie said...

So glad for the update. I am so happy to know your family is together. God bless you all.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Vickie,
Will pass all the comments on to Jean and family. Give a hug to Mabel and Henry.
God Bless You All, too,
Marilyn and Pierre

SueAnn said...

JEAN! WONDERFUL news!!!!!! You said all along, that you were doing things right, and in the end, it would come out ok, even tho you were put thru a trial of worries!!! Right, always wins out...just takes some time..I have been praying for your and your family, I just knew things would work out..!!!!! Grandma Olive is the bomb! Tell her for me...and thank her too!!!! That judge will remember her for a very long time..she taught him a good life lesson that he will surely pass on to others.!
Good news for Edward too.....he will heal real quick always seem to.....
Sounds like you are moving along with your family, and the season!!!!
All my best.

Countryside Reflections said...

Thank God it's over! What wonderful news. I love hearing how well each of the children are doing, and I hope we hear more from Grandmother Olive. She sounds like such a special lady. I'll continue to pray that all of this turmoil can be put behind you and the future will hold only good for you and your family. It's so heart warming to read how much love you and David have given to these children.


Laura said...

Those children are in the right hands and place - where God truly has meant for them to be! Absolutely wonderful news to hear! I hope Edward continues to heal properly too!

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Doreen and Laura,
I will pass on your comments. Grandmother Olive is a hard one to get on here. She doesn't feel she has much to say. I gave her questions people asked, but she hasn't agreed to come on again. Jean and I are working on her.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jean+David, We must give God al praise, honor, and glory no matter our circumstances, and right now it is just so wonderful to hear all the great blessed news from your family! How gracious and merciful our Lord is to His children. Grandma Olive-It certainly seems the Lord spoke through you to the Judge also. Since he was impressed with you, I'm sure he'll not forget you, your words, and ways of wisdom. Thank you, Lord, for Grandma Olive and her entire family! Marilyn-so glad you and your pup are healing well, too. Blessings to everyone!!!! Carol

New York State Of Mind said...

Gi Carol,
Thank you so much. I will see that David and Jean get your messages-Grandmother Olive, too.

Blessings to you and yours,

Fionalina said...

I am so very happy to see this Jean I had a feeling there would be news since I have not been on for a while

Hopefully life is much easier for you all now this is over and done with

Glad little Katie is settling in and adapting well to your way of life-its not surprising she is still missing her parents -which will ease with time

Glad Edward is getting on well

Best wishes to all the family