Sunday, July 28, 2013


Mom hadn't let me on the computer, so I thought I would get on this morning when she isn't looking.  I have so many things to tell you about.

We haven't found Bandit, my black cat buddy, that disappeared.  We don't know what happened to him.  I still miss him a lot.  All of the neighbor has looked high and low for him and we haven't found him anywhere. Maybe he has gone to heaven to be with the Lord.

Mom found a white mouse under our house, but it moved across the street.  One day it was gone, we don't know if one of the cats got it or what.  The next day, we had a white mouse with a grey face move in under our house.
He, too, had been someone's pet that had been let lose.   He would let Mom and I come right up to it.  I could sniff it and Mom could pet it, but it wouldn't let us pick it up.  Our neighbor would find it in his bird feeder eating away and then it would take a nap-still in the feeder.  He called all the Humane Society's and they said the would put it to sleep if they got it.  Neighbor mentioned it to his niece and she raises mice for pets.  She said if he could catch him, she would take it home to add with her other mice.  Our neighbor tried hard to catch the mouse.  Mouse was smart.  He would get the food, but not get caught.  Finally the neighbor caught him and his niece came over and got it.  She took it to the vet to have it checked out.  Then mouse went to her house and got a bath before he was put in with her other mice.  Mouse now is in a special LARGE cage with the other mice where he can play and is fed.  The mouse is happy and safe now.

My Mom is concerned about St. Bernard dog, Harvey.  He is very friendly, loves people and other dogs, although I bark at him, and is skinny.  The children taught him how to open the doors so he gets out and comes into the garbage behind our apartments looking for something to eat.  Mom has fed him some of my dog good.  She is not suppose to as it is against apartment rules, but she can't stand to see Harvey hungry.  His owner came to get him and told Mom that his wife doesn't like such a big dog, so he can't keep it.  He takes him to his parents, but they don't really want him. My Mom  almost said that if she had a choice between the dog or a spouce - she would have taken the dog-but she didn't.  Mom would like to find a good home for Harvey.  She prays that God will give him a great home where he is loved, fed, cared for and played with-like me.

Now about ME !!!  My Mom was suppose to get me groomed the beginning of July, but the car broke down and Mom had to get it fixed.  I really needed to be groomed.  One day, Lily's Mom called and said that the dog groomer had an appointment for me.  Mom said it would have to wait until next month.  Lily's Mom said it was paid for.  So Lily's Mom came and took me to the groomer's and brought me back while Mom was at work.  It seems a bunch of the ladies that like me  and Uncle Greg (our maintenance man) pooled their money together to pay for the bill and tip.  They won't let Mom pay them back either.  I feel so much cooler now that I have been groomed.  I thanked them all for Mom and me.

Mom is coming.  I better get off.



New York State Of Mind said...

It seem that someone got on my computer this morning telling about the animals in our neighborhood. LOL
Hope you all enjoy them.

Pierre and Marilyn

Vickie said...

I have missed you Pierre.♥ My heart is sad for Harvey. Can't the man place an ad on Craigslist. Maybe you could suggest it? It is free and I am sure he could find a home.
That is so very sweet that Pierre got his haircut courtesy of your wonderful friends. =)

New York State Of Mind said...

I Vickie,
That is where Mom got me - Craigslist. I will get Mom to tell them that. She was just in shock that they didn't want him-she didn't think straight. Mom would take Harvey except his too big for these apartments and we are only allowed one dog. I am so happy that my friends got me a hair cut.

Hug to Mabel and Henry,

Laura said...

You might also check to see if there is a St. Bernard rescue in the area - they might be able to find him a forever home! Glad the mouse got his forever home too. I am sorry to hear about the black cat - hope he is somewhere safe too!

Laura said...

Forgot to add - that is so wonderful that everyone chipped in to make Pierre more handsome than ever :) Hope you both have a good Sunday evening!

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Laura,
Thank you for the St. Bernard rescue. I think we found a home for Harvey, already. One of the men on our street had to put his dog down a couple of years ago. He had a small dog last time, he wants a big one this time. He already knows Harvey. He is away this weekend, but we think he will take Harvey when he gets home tomorrow. If not someone else, said that they would take him. We kind of hope the fellow on our street takes him, then we get to see him.


SueAnn said...

That is a cute picture of a mouse! I hate to tell you ow many field mice we have around here!!! If your friend ever needs a few more...for the pets, I will be glad to ship HUNDREDS to him!!!! LOL!! Don't think I can ship between States! Oh well....
Harvey needs a loving home..I hope the man down the street can take him, and care for him.....the rescue is the next best thing , if not!

Countryside Reflections said...

It's so nice to hear from you Pierre, and you certainly have a lot of news to share. I bet you look very handsome with your new hair cut. It was so nice of your neighbors to help out. I hope everything works out with Harvey. It's so sad to read about someone who doesn't want a loving pet.

Your mom PET the mouse???


New York State Of Mind said...

We are still waiting to see about a new home for Harvey. The fellow came home today and a group were there to tell him about it. When he gets unpacked he is going to go to Harvey's owner and see what is going on. Who we want to adopt him is a retired school teacher and was one of Harvey's owners teachers in school so they know each other. The only problem is Harvey won't fit in his little car. He will fit in his truck, but not his car. Harvey is too big for his little car. So we are waiting right now. If he goes to the teacher he couldn't get a better home. Harvey will be king there.


Anonymous said...

Very cute Marilyn; all the way around! Isn't it great to have friends who care about one another? Hope Harvey was taken by the teacher you know. It sounds like he would have a wonderful home there. Blessings, Carol

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Carol,
The teacher went to see the owner yesterday. The owner doesn't want to get rid of him, but his wife doesn't like Harvey and his parents don't want him. He lives a half block from the teacher and he told him he could come over and see Harvey anytime he wants. Right now Harvey is still with his original owner, but the teacher thinks he is coming to live with him this weekend. Teacher already has a Monday appointment with the vet to have Harvey checked out.