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This is a basic primer on pressure canning vegetables.They must be pressured canned. There are a few exceptions..tomatoes, if they are canned as catsup, jam, pickled. soup. and no skins on. If you like the skins on, for stewed tomatoes, then you have to pressure can them because of the skin..if you take the skins off, they are hot water bath. Beets is another one...regular old beets, pressure can,-pickled, hot water bath...the vinegar and sugar plays a big part in preserving. Pressure canning does not use those two ingredients. all cucumbers are hot water bath, basically no one cans a pretty mushy and yucky they are pickled in all sorts of ways. You can mix most vegetables...for pickling..and hot water bath..I will include some next week-key word is MOST.
So...alphabetically...(what I generally can when I have them)
 ASPARAGUS:  wash, trim off scale(little side bumps), cover with boiling water, cook 2 mins on stove, pack hot (hot pack means hot food, hot water, raw pack means room temp food, not cooked, and hot water). pack, cover to 1/2" with boiling water..seal, pressure can-half pints and pints-25 mins, qts.-30 mins, 10 lbs. pressure.

BEANS:( Limas)  can be hot or raw packed- Shell, bring to a boil, pack in jars, cover to 1 " in pts, 1 !/2 " in qts.,add salt to taste, usually a tsp.CANNING salt...never iodized in ANY canning project. Raw pack, pack beans in jar, cover with boiling water..(most hot and raw packs are all the same, so I will not keep repeating it, unless there is something different) half pts., and pts.,40 mins, qts., 50 mins, 10 lbs. pressure.

BEANS: ( string or wax) wash, string, boil 5 mins, or raw pack. 1/2" head space, half pts., and pts., 20 mins, qts., 25 mins., 10 lbs. pressure.

BEETS: wash, leave 1" of the stem, cook til just soft, slip skins off,cut in 1/2 " pcs., pack in jars, cover with hot water,leave 1/2" head space, add salt, half pts., pts., 30 mins.,qts., 35 mins., 10 lbs. pressure.

CARROTS: wash, scrape, cut into desired size,boil 5 mins, pack, 1/2" head space, raw pack, leave 1 " head space add salt, half pts., pts.,25 mins, qts., 30 mins.,10 lbs. pressure.

CORN: ( whole kernel), cut kernels from cob,for each qt. of corn, add 1 pt. boiling water, & 1 tsp. salt, boil 1 min, pack loosely (corn has been known to explode if packed tight!), cover with water, leave 1 " head space, or raw pack. Add salt ( I know you just cooked it with salt!!! it will not taste salty!). Pressure can, half pts., pts.,55 mins., qts., 85 mins., 10 lbs. pressure.

You can can greens, and mushrooms, but it takes an awful lot of greens and mushrooms to fill one jar, let alone a dozen! So, I suggest freezing, as most people now a  days have small supply of these foods. If you really want to know..I can tell you, just ask.

OKRA: wash and trim, cut into 1" lengths, Cook 1 min, pack hot- no raw pack here. Add salt.  Half pts., pts., 25 mins, qts., 40 mins., 10 lbs. pressure.

PEAS: ( blackeye, cowpea, blackeye beans), shell and wash, bring to a boil, drain, Pack loosely, and cover with hot water, or raw pack loosely, leave 1 1/2" head space, add salt, half pts., pts., 35 mins., qts., 40 mins., 10 lbs. pressure.

PEAS: ( green) My experience with pressure canning peas is they turn a little tan color..I just freeze mine much easier, if you really want to know, I can tell you...just ask.

POTATOES: wash, pare, cut into 1/2 " cubes, can use whole ones if no bigger than 2 1/2 ", boil cubes 2 mins, whole ones, 10 mins, drain. Pack and cover  with 1/2 " head space, add salt- no raw pack here. Half pts., pts., 35 mins., qts., 40 mins., 10 lbs. pressure.

PUMPKIN or HUBBARD SQUASH: peel, cut into 1 " cubes, cook til tender, strain(this is your pumpkin pie meat- or use for soups, breads, etc...), pack while hot, leave 1/2" head space- no water needed, no salt either. Half pts., pts., 65 mins., qts., 80 mins., 10 lbs. pressure.
  Now..I make my pumpkin meat, and then I freeze it.... sometimes the canning not worth the value of the food...when you start adding up electric, water, etc....freezing is a much better choice. They do can really well tho.....sooo much better than store bought! Either way you preserve it....

SAUERKRAUT: ! you all are pros by now! So  here is the canning times: half pts., pts., 10 mins., qts., 15 mins., 5 lbs. pressure. YES...5 lbs. pressure!
 You can also HOT WATER BATH-, 15 mins, small jars, 20 mins., qts.

Summer Squash and Sweet Potatoes are again, the time for canning is the time you prepare it..might as well freeze it...if you have a cool , dark, area, not damp, you can store them too...for a while ....

  You can pressure can them, but I do not like the way they turn out..sort of a lesser color red, a bit I HOT WATER BATH them. Scald the skins off......cook til boiling, pack, in their own juice, add hot water when you run out of juice, add salt,  half pts., pts., 40 mins, qts., 35 mins., this is the same time if you make tomato juice, with all your spices added, and if you make soup...same timing. Now..if you use tomatoes in combination with meat or poultry, for a stew..then it HAS to be pressure canned..and I will cover that soon, to can poultry!
Now, I will tell you this, with a pressure canner or hot water bath, if you have only one canning...( 7 jars), it is worth doing. But they have to be full jars...never can a half filled jar..too much air space left...air creates bacteria build up. I look at my foods, by what I harvest, or find at the market or the Farmers' Market.....if I can a few pounds of something..then I freeze. A bushel of anything is the idea canning - but that does not always happen....some things are easier..potatoes, green beans- they can grow like gang busters....even if you get a lot of the garden or real cheap from a market..they actually store really well thru winter..I had 2 huge ones last year - cut them from the vine in late Sept., used them for decoration on the porch all thru Fall...then kept them in a dark cool was Feb before I cut into the first one! They do keep well, as does acorn squash....different ways of preserving depend on the type space you have for storing- in jars, apples wrapped in paper, a few squashes laying always be looking at your what you have, what you want to make, what is your storage space like...this is no different than the approach you take when at the grocery much space do you have, is only different, because it is YOUR food at home! Which is pretty neat.
Canning vegetables is pretty straight forward..not a real exciting thing!! hahaha!!!  You can get fancy, when it comes to jams, jellies, pickles.

I almost forgot! ZUCCHINI !  I never liked how it canned- it has to be pressure canned....made some lousy eating! So...when I have done enough zucchini pickles..I shred it with a regular grater....onto waxed paper...the amount I think I will need for a loaf of bread, a casserole,  a pan of muffins, and I wrap it up in the waxed paper, wrap again in plastic wrap, then stick it in a plastic bag, squeeze the air out...label it and freeze it.....when I want a cake or a loaf of bread, I  un-wrap it down to the waxed paper and set it out to thaw....drain it in a colander...and use it ! It is still crunchy to use even in omelets, or frittatas. Less of a headache than canning it.



New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning,
The sun is shinning this morning !!!!

Hope you enjoy Sue Ann's post on canning vegetables.


New York State Of Mind said...

Just wanted you to know that Elmer and I spent the evening on the phone to each other last night getting his next post on the founding of the Mennonites and the Amish. It will be on July 22nd. We have another post to do on the difference between the Amish and Mennonites today. I don't think that will take as long as the one last night.


Countryside Reflections said...

I would like to know what fruits and vegetables can get frozen instead of canned, and how to do it. Last year I froze some corn and blueberries, but I don't know what is good to freeze and what isn't. I was told to not wash the blueberries before freezing, so I didn't. I just wash them when I'm ready to use them. (the blueberries are from a friends farm and not sprayed) Is this correct?


Fionalina said...

Thank you Sue Ann
It is so good of you to give your time-to help us


New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Folks,
I am sure Sue Ann will be on to answer your questions. I spent most of the time on the phone with Elmer last evening getting his post on how the Mennonite and Amish religions were found. It will be on July 22nd. We drained his cell phone so he had to go to Martha and Joseph's to use their land line phone and charge his cell phone. We will soon be working on how the Amish and Mennonites are different today. I don't know when that one will be on right now.


SueAnn said...

You CAN wash blueberries before you freeze them, because freezing makes them soft..and to wash them when thawed, or even in a semi-frozen state..will take all the flavor out and they will be mushy ONLY fruits I do not wash before freezing...are....NONE! Here's what you do....does not matter if they come from a no spray or a spray place.....Wash gently in a colander....let drain a bit..then take a linen towel(old dish drying linens are great to save for this!) and place the fruits or veggies in the towel, spread them out a bit, wrap them up, roll towel, place on a clean towel or a plate, let dry a bit..then freeze....The rule of thumb USE to be, hard fruits, wash, soft fruits, no wash..but..with everything falling out of the sky anymore...not to mention pesticides...all should be washed. Even if it is from your own yard.....bugs like to make deposits....and lay eggs, which become little why not?!
All veggies can be frozen....even greens, except lettuce...spinach, beet greens, (some eat the beet greens like a wilted spinach type, do not eat them they are a little bitter) even dandelion do not have to cook them before freezing..just wash and dry, as for your fruits, and freeze whole, or chop, then sure you label what it is, and how much it you know it will make a pie, a casserole, etc.....
Squash can be frozen..but like zucchini, it should be shredded first....pumpkin, acorn, should be scooped out of the shell and cooked and frozen..usually you cut them in half, turn upside down in a 9x13 baking dish, add a little water...then bake til just soft....then scoop out the meat and you can freeze like it is "plain" when you want or make a pie, or add all your "stuff" when it is thawed.
Cabbage can be frozen too..but it should be either cooked as in wedges, just til wilted..because remember, freezing will soften the food when can freeze whole leaves one at a time, like for cabbage rolls...wash them, dry them, then take a leaf , wrap in waxed paper..roll it over..add another leaf...and continue on, for however many you want...but these will be used as a baked can make the rolls, or layer the leaves with a sauce and meat..but they must be baked...unless you like eating soggy leaves raw!! LOL!! You CAN shred cabbage to freeze..but it is not always the best...when it thaws..which is why people make freezer slaw...which is so simple to do...
I wanted to mention on the hot pack and raw pack.....the choice is yours, when there are two different ways to can..depends on how crunchy you want the veggies to be....
some veggies require a blanching time...before preserve color, and taste....asparagus , green beans, most anything green...and firm, peas, I can do a small freezing post for next week...along with crock pickles.....I will do that for Thurs, recipes will be Tues.
But keep asking, I try to think of all the little things to tell you...that books don't! LOL!

Countryside Reflections said...

Some questions for a future post on freezing:

Should broccoli be cut into pieces and then blanched before freezing since it's green and firm?

Do all veggies require the same blanching time and procedure? How long should the blanching time be?

annie said...

I have not heard of using wax paper then plastic wrap. Sue Ann , thanks so much for sharing. She mentioned freezer slaw, I'd like to see that. Also, any other recipes she might want to share, I am really enjoying this. Thank you both!

Laura said...

Such a wealth of information - definitely printing these posts out for future reference!!

New York State Of Mind said...

I am glad that you like Sue Ann's posts. She sure knows a lot about canning and I appreciate her telling us all she knows.


SueAnn said...

Questions noted, written down, freezing veggies and fruits will be next week...making a list of freezer slaw(SOOOOOO easy)! Keeps well...crunchy when thawed!I got you covered!! LOL!!!
One last mention on wax...waxed not go in the freezer,,they are shelf foods...the wax will expand and crack...seal would be would get freezer good!
Canning may seem like a lot of work..but it is fun if you have someone helping you..I wish I could be in all your kitchens...or Marthas' or Jeans'-it is fun to see little techniques that individual women have in their is all basically the same..just different folks have different little tweaks to things...and that is fun to learn.
When you bring broccoli in from your garden, even a farmer market, soak it in the sink..cold water, plenty of table salt(this you can use iodized salt if you want-you are fishing for little green worms!!!) The cold water and salt makes the worms fall out dead!!! You will be surprised at the little things..look like inch worms!!! Turn the broccoli upside down in the cold water, salted really well...and let sit..oh, half hour should do it!!! Then give it a good rinse thru out the plant..flush the little guys down the drain!
On blueberries...there really isn't any reason to spray them..they have few natural most, it would be birds trying to get the berries, or deer nipping the tips of the plants off...they can get a rust..on the leaves-like roses get black spot..some spray for that, some don't..does not hurt the berries.
If you have a walk a garden, at a friend's place...look at how the plants grow, how the food grows on the plants..that tells you right away how they should be treated,,prepped, for canning....
Gosh! I'd love to come up State and pick and can with you all!!! Who has the biggest kitchen?!!! Come Sept, we will have several bushels of apples..what fun to do cider, juice, jelly, apple slices..relish...all from a few bushels!!! Oh to dream!

Countryside Reflections said...

OH NO, I've never done the cold water salt soak. Do you mean that I've been ingesting little worms?? Gross! Should this be done with store bought broccoli too? Are there other veggies or fruits that I should do this with?

Thank you for all of the information you've shared.


SueAnn said...

hahahaha!!! most probably have.....! My husband's grandma always said, by the time we die we will have eaten a tablespoon of dirt...and LOTS of little bugs we never knew about!!! LOL!!! They are very tiny...even in the most heavily sprayed commercial growing gardens.....there is always a little worm! Nature is not to be defeated!!! LOL!!!!! Those little white butterflies you see in gardens? They are cabbage butterflies...or broccali, or kale, or celery.....looking to lay eggs...for little worms to come and make little cocoons!!!!hahaha!!!! see..what'cha don't don't hurt 'ya! Oh well..just think of all that extra protein you have received! Your bones thank you!!! God knows what He is doing...!!! LOL!! Mercy! wonderful to know, huh?!!!!
If you have'nt noticed by now..don't sweat it!!!! Just FYI, if you grow it yourself, or get it from a friend, or farmer market....!!!!
don't panic over it...!!!!!
Home grown lettuce and spinach are known to have itsy bitsy slugs hiding in the leaves!!!! what more do you want to know?!!!!!
We come from the soil, our food comes from the soil...we have the advantage over the food..we have a brain! so, we do the best we can, wash, wash, wash...!!!!!! And! Don't give it another thought!!!! If you knew all the bees that die in apple cider during the processing, on farms......!LOL!!!! adds to the flavor!!!!!
The positive the food is it is sterile...and if we are lucky, flavor, color, and texture remain! See? Piece of cake!!!! Please don't worry.....! You have lived this long.....!!!!!