Monday, August 4, 2014


First, I want to ask if anyone would be interested in Anna, myself and Marilyn coming out with a cookbook?  It is just in the discussing stages right now.  If you would be, what would like in it?  Would you like recipes that have been on New York State of Mind?  Christmas Recipes we had on?  Easter we had on?  All new Amish and Old Order Mennonite Recipes?  Also, if you are not interested let us know.  We know it is easy to get recipes off the computer now days.  Let us know what you think.

It's hard to believe that Susan will be starting back to school on August 11th.  Old Order Mennonite and Amish schools start earlier than the Englisher schools, but they also get out earlier the end of April or first of May in the spring.  Katie will be starting school next year at six years old.  The year after that David Jr. will be starting.  Time sure flies by.

Katie is not happy that Susan is going to school again and she isn't.  She wants to go so bad.  We hope she feels the same way when she starts school next year.  Katie is fitting into our household.  She has learned to speak the German very well.  Also, she is use to no television.  The buggy is her favorite ride over a car. I think that may be do to the car accident her parents passed (died) in.  At church, she has learned to sit and behaves well during meeting - most of the time.  At home, she does her chores, most of the time.  She is a typical five year old, that needs encouragement and to be let know her work is appreciated.

Susan and Katie do many things together including work.  Although Susan does like time with friends her own age.  Susan is looking forward to going back to school.  We will miss her during school hours as I am so use to having her home all day.

We do not think David Jr. will look forward to going to school as much as the girls do.  He would prefer to stay home and help David, Edward and Michael doing farm chores.  David Jr. thinks going to school is stupid as he thinks he can learn everything he has to know on the farm.  We have discussed home school, if he really doesn't like the school, but we hope he will change in the next two years.  We have to watch David Jr. as he feels he can do more than he really can.  He wants to drive the horses and we don't believe he is old enough yet.

We may be getting another Foster Child.  He is a teenage boy.  Katie and Susan say we should get a girl instead to even the number.  Edward and Michael have spoken with the boy while working on service a couple of times.  He is with another Old Order Mennonite Foster Home and he is one of their first Foster Children.  It doesn't seem to be working out.  Social Services said they might have to move him and would we consider taking him.  We asked Edward and Michael what they thought as they knew him better than we did.  Michael said that the boy had been in Foster Home since he was little.  He had gone from home to home.  Not because he was bad, but things happened.  Like one home he was in the Father got transfered out of state and he couldn't go.  Another family someone got sick and couldn't keep him.  Also, some homes treat a Foster Child different from a natural child and the foster child knows it. The couple he is with is a younger couple in their 20's.  They've never had a teenager.  We told Michael he was our first teenager, but he said it was different.  Michael believes this boy needs a home.  A real home.  One that he won't have to leave from.  A home where he is a member of the family not just a Foster Child.   Michael said when he first came to our house, he thought he wouldn't be here long.  He never thought we would adopt him.  It took him a while to realize this really is home.  This boy needs the same.

David Sr. said if we get another Foster child, we will have to finish off the attic as we are running out of bedrooms.  I don't think he is kidding.  We would also have to put in another bathroom or two.  So we do not know right now, if we are going to be his Foster Parents or not, but will let you know.  We all had the family meeting to agree that he is welcome in out home.  Even the girls finally agreed.

Be With God,


Bonnie said...

Can't believe it is August already and time for school to begin again. I highly commend you for taking in foster children - raising them as your own and also adopting them. It must be a great responsibility to take in a child that you really don't know and try to blend them into your own family. I imagine there can be a lot of problems .. but also a LOT of satisfaction of showing them love and being part of a solid family instead of being passed around and around again. You are blessed. Bonnie

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Bonnie,
I think it takes special people to take in Foster Children. Jean and David have adopted three of the children they have taken into their home. I will see that they get your message.


Evie said...

Hello Jean
Our Schools here go back in a week or so it certainly has been a quick summer

Glad to hear Katie is more settled

I was quite sad to hear about the teenage boy you are considering fostering
How must these poor children feel as Bonnie says being passed around all the time
I wish everyone had a loving home

Good luck with the cook book idea I have always enjoyed the recipes on here


Vickie said...

Oh God bless you all. :) How very wonderful and special.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean, praying The Lord will help David,Jr change his attitude toward school soon;that he will come to understand and appreciate the importance of "formal"learning. Thanks for letting us know how Katie+Susan are doing also. Just now prayed for God's will to be done in the life of this teenaged boy you may foster. Besides the love of Christ you show to all, the fact that Michael+Edward know him and have talked with him is a big plus. Seems they would be a great help in the teens adjustment to a new home. May The Lord continue to expand your hearts and home for whomever He would send to you. God bless! Carol

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Evie and Carol,

I will see that Jean gets your messages.


Countryside Reflections said...

I admire Jean and David so much for considering taking in another teenager. Those teenage years are really hard for parents to go through, but Jean and David are blessed to know how to help a child in need. It seems that Michael and Edward will be a real help for the new one too.

Us readers of NYS of Mind are so fortunate to have access to real Amish and Mennonite recipes. It's so different getting the "inside scoop" on recipes from our friends, Jean, Martha, and Anna, instead of a no name on line or from a book that was written by someone who may not even be Amish or Mennonite. As I said before, I will support any endeavor they decide on.

A lot of work goes into making any kind of book, and I wonder how many readers will purchase one because these ladies were so generous to supply us for the last few years already. Will it be worth their while? Would this recipe book be something they can sell at a Market or Roadside Stand? Or on eBay along with Marilyn's items? In case a lot of readers don't purchase it, but they have another outlet to sell them, yes I think it would be a great idea.

I think adding a few fascinating facts about NYS Amish and Old Order Mennonites would be good too. Maybe a little about their picnics on Mother's Day and Father's Day could go along with some Summer salad recipes, and a little about how they celebrate Christmas and Easter with recipes that pertain to those events. Just a few thoughts.


New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Doreen,
I also think it is great that Jean and David are considering taking another teenage boy as a Foster Child. It seems that Jean and David get along well with teenagers.

Thank you for your advice on the cookbook. We wonder how many would buy it, too. Also, other ways to sell than on here.

I like the idea of putting something fascinating in them about the Amish and Old Order Mennonites. I like your ideas.

Thank you so much,

Willow's Quiet Corner said...

First I would like to say that I already have soooo many cookbooks! I don't have enough room for them all as it is! The funny thing is when I need a recipe . . . I usually end up just going online. But, I think if you did do one, Doreen's suggestions would be great!

It was nice to hear an update on the kids. Hopefully, David Jr will come around when it is time to start school.

No matter what, I sure hope the boy finds a good home where he can stay and feel like part of the family and not get passed to another home again. He sure sounds like he needs a break.

It is heartbreaking to hear so many children in need. I think he would be lucky to be able to come live with your family, Jean, but I know it is a huge responsibility. I have a great admiration for all you have already done for your other children. I know you will be directed to make the right decision, no matter what it may be!

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Willow's Quiet Corner,
The cookbook is just in the talk right now. Appreciate all your advice.

I will see that Jean gets your message.