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The Episcopal faith was first practiced in Newark, New York in 1851 at the home of Esbon Blackmar on Palmyra Street (now West Union Street) .  On July 21, 1851, officers were elected for the new church.

Being unable to raise funds for the new church locally, church members asked Mrs. A. W. Marsh and Mrs. Martha Hayes, wife of the pastor, to visit large churches between Newark and New York City asking for aid.  They returned in three weeks with many gifts including the news that Trinity Church, New York City had offered a loan of $500.00.  In August, 1851, the parish was admitted for membership in the diocese. A building was purchased for $350.00 and on September 19, 1852 their first service was held in their new building. By 1892, the church was completely paid for.  That church was there from 1851 to 1901.

In 1900 the need for a new, larger facility was needed.  The Vestry approved the church and rectory.  In June, 1901, the 50th anniversary for the church, the cornerstone of the new church was laid.  The building was completed and the first service was held on All Saint's Day, 1901.  The first Parish House was built in 1917, a gift from the Bloomer families.  During World War II, the Parish House was used by the Red Cross for their relief work.

Again plans were made to enlarge the church and Parish House to include offices and class rooms.  By 1953, most of the money was raised and in 1954 the new Parish House was dedicated.

In recent years, the parish hall has again, become the home of the Red Cross.  The parish also became a part of a regional partnership of congregations.

Most of the information was obtained from an article by the Newark Courier Gazette.

As you can see St. Mark's is a large church, rectory and parish house.  I took a close up for the stone used in the construction of the building.


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Marilyn, You choose a great church for today. Like the Episcopal church in Palmyra this one doesn't have red doors. Tom The Backroads Traveller

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Nice looking building! Thanks for the info on it. Blessings, Carol

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