Thursday, September 10, 2015


Going to the lady doctor was a whole different situation that going to the previous doctor.  Sarah was very nervous and afraid.  I told her if this doctor was like the previous doctor, we were going to walk out.  But, she wasn't like the other doctor at all.

In the examining room the doctor told us a bit about herself.  She told us how many years she had been a doctor, her education, and that she has children so she knew what giving birth was like.  She also explained that when she first opened her office, there were no Amish or Old Order Mennonites or Weaverland Mennonites in this area.  Since their moving in she has learned a lot and hopes the Amish and Mennonites have learned from her.  Also, she has had to give in her ways and so have the Amish and Mennonites had to give in their ways.

She said having babies at home with midwives she thought was a terrible thing when Amish and Mennonites first came.  With all the modern medical today in the hospitals.  But, after talking with midwives in the area, she has found that midwives have to have almost as much education as she did.  That even back in the 1950's, babies being born at home was a common thing.  It's only been in the last 50 or 60 years hospital has become more common.  So she has had to change her views regarding more people giving birth in their homes.

She told Sarah what she was going to do and that I was allowed to stay with Sarah through everything.  So the doctor left and I helped Sarah get undressed and into her gown.  When the doctor came back she told us if Sarah was afraid or we had any questions, to ask, that was what she was there for.  She examined Sarah and then said she was going to send for another ultra sound.  The doctor wanted to see it for herself.  So, off we went for an ultra sound.  When they got Sarah on the table the doctor came in and watched it.  She asked if they told what it was going to be.  Sarah said no.  Doctor asked if she wanted to know.  Sarah said yes.  So the doctor told us, but Sarah wants to keep it a secret until the baby is born.

Doctor said the baby is small for what it should be at that age. She showed us the heart was beating just fine and baby looked healthy but smaller.  Since, I explained that Elmer is a small person, it could be that the baby is a dwarf or it could be that the baby is just small.  She also said that tests could be run on the baby,, if we wanted to.  We said no.  She said she didn't think we would, which she understood.  She told us to go back to the room and get Sarah dressed she would be back to talk with us.

When she came in, she said she wanted to see Sarah every two weeks.  It would be best for her to consider having the baby in the hospital.  Sarah said she hated hospitals and why.  The doctor calmly explained that do to the size of the baby, they could do things for the baby at the hospital that they couldn't do from home.  Also, seeing where we lived if after the baby was born it had to come to the hospital, it is a long drive, even by ambulance.  Of course it's shorter if they take the back roads instead of the front roads.  She said it was our decision and to to go home and discuss it.

Before we made a complete decision, she wanted Sarah and John to come back to the hospital.  As many of the Amish,  Mennonites, and Englishers had never seen the inside of the delivery room, the hospital has started a day every other month and September just happens to be one of the months where expecting mothers and fathers can come to the hospital and walk through what goes on when they come to deliver.  They meet in the conference room, go to where they come in, preparation room, delivery room, if they need surgery, etc. all the way to the room they go to.  Then they return to the conference room where they have coffee and a snack to ask questions.  Everything is explained to them along the way.  We signed Sarah and John up.

Also, some Amish and Mennonite ladies came up with the idea for some of them, who have had children at the hospital and with midwives, leave their names so other Amish and Mennonites who had never had a baby in a hospital or at home had someone to talk to.  The doctor asked Sarah if she would like some names and phone numbers.  Sarah said yes.  So, before we left, she gave Sarah five names.  Two that had their baby at the hospital, two that had their baby at home and one of a lady who was going to have her baby at home but her midwife called the ambulance because of problems.  All babies and mothers came through fine.  All but one of them is on shanty phone so, the doctor said Sarah might have to leave a message for them to call back.

Doctor asked Sarah if she had any questions.  Doctor asked if next time she came if John could come which we both agreed.  As she was leaving, she informed us that the previous doctor told her he would not take Sarah back as a patient.  We were very rude to him and did not trust his medical ability.  So she said we were stuck with her unless we wanted to chose another.  She had a smile on her face.  She also said he was rude to her when she asked for the records to be transfered.  We said we are keeping her.

I told Sarah when we got home that I would not say anything about if the baby was a girl or boy until she spoke to John.  John said he didn't want to know.  Elmer wanted to know.  Sarah said in the middle of the night, John woke her up and said he couldn't stand it - is it a boy or girl.  She told him.  Sarah and John had her Mother, Bishop Eli and his wife, and Elmer and I over for dinner.  After dinner they told them with the promise they are not to tell anyone.  So sorry, neither Elmer nor I can tell you what it is.

Again the doctor said the baby should be born in November, even maybe December.  I still say in October.  Doctor disagreed.  Sarah said, that I was never wrong. There is a first for everything.  So time and the good Lord shall tell.

Trust God's Wisdom,


Tom said...

I'm so glad that a good doctor was found.

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Marilyn. I am so happy that Sarah has found a doctor that makes her feel comfortable. It sounds like this doctor has a much better bedside manner and is willing to discuss, not lecture, her patients. I am praying that all goes as God wills.

Vickie said...

So glad to read of the doctor's visit going well. It will be interesting to see if Sarah gives birth in the hospital or at home.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Tom,
So am I.


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Angela,
Anna said Sarah liked the new doctor a lot. She does have a better bedside manner than the other one. Thank you for your prayers. I will see that Anna and Sarah get your message.


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,
I am glad it went so well, too. They are still discussing about having the baby at home or going to the hospital. John wants hospital. Sarah wants home.

Hug to Mable and Henry,
Marilyn and Pierre

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, Yes, there's a first time for everything. That being said, "When the apple is ripe it will fall.".
I'm so happy to read your experience with the new Dr! She sounds like she's "down-to-earth", very personable, willing to listen, and has learned to "give some" as she stated. I'm equally glad to know the communities have learned they, too, must be able to "give some". Trust and cooperation. The male Dr had no compassion. Unfortunately sounds like he's full of himself. I hope the Lord will wake him up sooner rather than later.
Many blessings, Lord, on this unborn child, all the family and the new OB. Carol

dynnamae n said...

Good morning Marilyn. I'm a bit behind here but getting caught up. So thankful your car bill is not huge this time. Hope "a while" is a long time from now. Blueberry bread sounds great but I have done too much baking lately. Have to try that recipe later. It is so good to read the post about Sarah and the very supportive lady Dr. Thank God for her! How great that future parents can go and see the hospital and have that tour and get information ahead of time. Also, it is wonderful that Sarah has some moms she can contact. Will keep all in my prayers and trust all will go well. Thanks to Sarah and Anna for sharing with us. God bless them.

Lily said...

I like that this doctor is one of the good ones that includes the patient in the decision making process. That is so important.

It's no nice that Sarah now has others she can talk to that had their babies in that hospital. It would be nice to hear about Sarah and John's impression of the hospital after they have their visit.

Lily said...

Correction: that should read "so nice", NOT "no nice".

kymber said...

Marilyn - if i was a betting/gambling person, my money would be on Anna's prediction of the baby coming in October - bahahahah! i am very glad that Sarah's new doctor seems to have an understanding of what good bedside manner is. i am very glad that Sarah had a much better experience at the doctor this time - she deserves to be treated with respect. i hope that whether she has the baby at home, or in the hospital, i hope that she has a wonderful delivery experience. i send my best wishes to the parents, grandparents, family and friends...and i will trust that the Lord will be with them through this delivery of a beautiful new life.

but my money is still on Anna - bahahahah! your friend,

littlemancat said...

I'm so pleased that Sarah had a good experience with her new doctor who sounds like a gem! And the idea of touring the hospital is great - this may help her and John toward making an informed decision regarding the place of birth. And also talking to the other women.
My best wishes to the families as always,

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Folks,
I will see that Sarah and Anna get all your messages. Agree, that the idea of Sarah and John going through the hospital delivery section is a great idea. Never heard of hospitals doing that before. If I was betting person and I'm not, but if I was, I would say Anna is right, with the baby coming in October.


Anonymous said...

I, too, am glad Sarah got a compassionate doctor. Both of my daughters had a tour of the hospital (even 15 years ago)before the births. Not unusual at all. Hospitals are doing this more and I think it's a great idea! Sarah will be less anxious if she decides to deliver the baby there.
Carol in SC

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Carol in SC,

Glad Sarah got a compassionate doctor, too. Oh, I didn't know that hospitals gave tours. I think it's a great idea. You are right it will be less anxious for Sarah to see the hospital first. I will see that Sarah gets your message.


Anonymous said...

Everyone must feel so much better with the new Doctor.
Perhaps Sarah's positive experience with this Doctor will be very helpful to other new mothers-to-be in her church community.