Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Someone asked about older boys, so I will tell you.  Michael, Edward and Thomas are harvesting the crops for this year.  This month and October are the last of the harvest.  Time has sure flown by.  It seems that we just planted them.

Michael also is doing running his machine repair work.  I shouldn't say just machine repair, he does most anything: farm machinery, house appliances, and more.  He does furniture repair, but he leaves most of that to Thomas now. Michael admits Thomas does wood work a lot better than he does.

Edward, in addition to the harvest, is keeping peoples books, and alike.  He still can't go out on his own until he is 18, so is working with one of Elmer and Anna's sons.  Their son, checks on Edward's work and because he has a license can sign where Edward can't.

In addition to all that, they are working on Edward's Grandmother's house for Thomas and his soon to be wife.  They have decided to marry in December.  Thomas wants to make sure he gets adopted and our last name before they marry.  He still asks us if we are sure we want him, and we are going through with the adoption.  Of course , David an I reply yes to all.  He is already a member of our family as far as we are concerned.  The adoption only makes it legal and gives him our last name.

Anyway the wall came down in the kitchen which enlarged that a lot.  They had to put new plumbing and electric in the house as the old didn't pass inspection, which ment most of the walls are new.  I thought they would have the women over there sanding an refinishing the floors, but the men did it themselves.  David, Thomas, Michael and Edward made and installed the new cupboards.  Edward felt bad seeing the old cupboards go because they were what his Grandmother used.  So for Edward's birthday, Thomas made him a dining room table, chairs and dish cabinet from the cupboards.  Edward was shocked and really liked it.  They are stored up in our attic now.  Thomas told Edward the only problem he may have is if the lady he decides to marry doesn't like them.  Edward says she has to like what Thomas made before he will marry her.

The kitchen at Edward's Grandmother's house now has new appliances in it - from Sears.  All of us that are canning are saving some to put on the shelves in the cellar before Thomas and his, then wife, move in.  We also have new drapes throughout.  Thomas got some furniture for the house and so did his lady so they have put that in the house.  It is really beginning to look like a home again.

I guess I am saying this out of order, but we also put in two bathrooms. There was already one on the second floor, so they put a bathroom in the master bedroom.  The second bathroom put in is on the first floor - it has a sink and toilet.

The men also took care of the yard.  Thomas enlarged Edward's Grandmother's garden to the size his lady wanted.  They planted and harvested it this year even though they didn't live there.  So, she is also canning a great deal from the garden.

David decided the house needed a painting.  Elmer asked if he had ever consider siding on it as then you don't have to paint it every year.  Siding is what is on our house - was on when we bought it.  It does save a lot of painting work.  After a family discussion, we had Elmer, Michael, Thomas and David put it on the house.  It does look a lot better.

It was decided to take down the falling down garage and build a big barn, which we did.  There is still a smaller barn there, too.  It is sometimes hard on Edward when we make drastic changes, so we try not to make too many.  That's what made us decide to leave the smaller barn standing and build a larger barn.  After all, he saw the garage come down.  Thomas has what wood he could save of the garage stored away.  He says when Edward gets married, he will think of something to make for him out of the garage wood.  By the Edward gets married he should have his tax license, so maybe he could use some of it to build Edward an office on his property.  Maybe something else.  Time will tell when Edward gets married, which we hope is a while off.

After putting the siding on the house, the roof didn't look so good, - so they replaced the roof.  I forgot to mentioned they spray insulated the house to make sure it would be be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  I can't remember if I mentioned they replaced most of the window with new ones.  David said for all we did on this house , barn and property, we could have almost torn the house down and rebuilt it for less.  Edward yelled no you couldn't.  David explained he was kidding.

But all has not been work this summer.  Michael, Edward and Thomas have been fishing, gone to singing, played soft ball, basketball, volley ball and more.  So summer has not been all work.  They are now waiting for hunting season.

Be With God,


Tom said...

What team work!

Tom said...

What team work!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tom! Team work and their love for the Lord and each other. Thanks Jean for the update on the boys. God be with you all, Carol

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Marilyn. Wonderful update!! I love the idea of furniture made from the original wood. It sounds like each of the young men have their own special talent to share with the family.

Lily said...

So nice to hear how the boys are doing. I like that Thomas truly wants to be part of your family.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Tom,

That is team work. I can't remember exactly what Jean says but it's something like many hands make the work grow light.


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Carol,
I will see that Jean gets your message. Many hands and their love does make the work lighter.


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Angela,
The idea of making the furniture of the original wood was a great idea. It seems the young men do each of their special talent. Will see that Jean gets your message.


Vickie said...

What a great update Jean! So nice to hear all of this good news.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,

Will see that Jean gets your message. It is good news.

Hugs to Mable and Henry,
Marilyn and Pierre

dynnamae n said...

It was such a pleasure to be updated on Jean and David's young men. So thoughtful of Thomas to reuse cupboards to make furniture for Edward. Thank you, Jean for sharing family news with us. Blessings on you all and Marilyn.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi dynnamae n,
Glad you enjoyed the post. IT was nice for Thomas to reuse the cupboards to make furniture for Edward. Will see Jean gets your message.

Blessings to you and yours,