Tuesday, October 27, 2015


First, Grandfather Albert, Grandmother Olive, Thomas and our whole family would like to thank you all for your messages, prayers and thoughts.  We all really appreciate it.

Thomas is still getting use to using our last name.  Before we adopted him, he called us Jean and David, which we allowed.  The day after the adoption he got David and I alone and asked if he could call us Mother and Father.  We, of course, told him yes.  He kept saying I have a Mother and Father. Once in a while he will ask is this for real.  I just can't believe it.  We are so happy that we are his family.

Someone asked about the wedding.  While they were here for his adoption, his lady, mother and myself started deciding for the wedding.  We have ti figure about how many guests are coming.  Thomas over heard us and said not many on his side.  I told him don't be surprised - you have relatives you don't even know you have yet.

We also decide who we will get to help in the kitchen-cooking, preparing food, filling the plates, etc..  Also, we have to put in for the dishes buggy and the cooking buggy,  Also, we have to get some help to clean the house and some men to move the furniture.

Lady will have to make her dress.  I will make Thomas' wedding suit.  Of course she mus decide what color dresses she wants her servers to wear.  They also must decide who their side sitters will be.  I am trying to tell what side sitters are -  maybe like English bride maids and best man.  Side sitters are next to them at the wedding and dinners.

So we are trying to get started ahead.  Told Thomas he became my son, and is leaving already.  He said we will only be down the road.  They came to our house for meals anytime.  I think he ment that as a joke.  Michael said it also means we can all show up at their house for dinner. Thomas didn't think that as funny.

Someone also asked where we purchase the material for our clothes.  Jo-Ann's store.  Since Mennonites and Amish have moved in this area, they carry some of our material.  Some that they don't have, we order by mail.  If we get a driver there is a store in the town of Clyde and another in Waterloo.

What do we use for patterns?  We measure up the person once.  With small children you have to measure them as they grow.  Then I cut the patterns out in paper bags.  The next time someone needs something, I don't have to measure them - I just use the the paper bag patterns.  When Thomas marries, I will give my paper bag patterns to his wife.

What are "cape" dresses?  Maybe I should have Anna answer there this, but I will try.  The Amish ladies have on the dresses along with they wear an apron that goes down the front and they pin closed in the back.  When I first heard "cape" dresses, I had to ask Anna what they were.

Neither we not Anna make goat cheese.  We don't raise coats,  We have purchased some goat cheese from other Amish and Old Order Mennonite that do make it.  Have you ever had goats fudge?  That is delicious too.  Sometimes if I can get some goats milk, I make goat fudge at Christmas time.

Someone asked what clothes we make for our family.  We make our own dresses, nigh  wear (women's children's and men's), men's pants (except jeans), men's shirts, baby clothes, and children clothes.  Some make men's hats, we don't.  I got one of David's hats repaired and bought him a new one from a hat maker in Pennsylvania.  Shoes, socks and ladies stockings come from a local store like Walmart.

Old Order Amish are allowed to wear coats in the winter.  In fact, we wear jackets when it gets cool enough out.  I asked Anna about the Amish and she said she is allowed to wear a coat when the weather is cold enough.  She doesn't believe all Amish women are allowed, to wear a coat but her group and several others are during the cold months.

Someone asked if we wear knee socks or heavy socks during the winter?  We wear heavy socks or heavy pantie hose during the winter.  I spoke with Anna and they wear heavy pantie hose or wear high rising heavy socks during the winter.  Some Amish ladies wear stocking holders (girdles) that they can attack the heavy stockings or socks to.

I agree with Elmer, please keep questions coming so we know what to say in our posts.

Be With God,


Tom said...

Such a great gift to be able to give Thomas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean, Sounds like all of you are going to be very busy preparing for Thomas+his fiancé's wedding! I'm sure lots of work, but what fun at the same time.
The cape dresses I wear are long dresses that have a "cape", additional layer of material front and back over the bodice of the dress-attached(incorporated), which adds more modesty to the top of the dress. I also wear an apron with the dress or jumper as the case may be.
We're getting closer to the time of needing to layer oneself as winter approaches. Hope everyone has a safe+healthy winter.
BTW-will your Grandparents be here for the wedding? When will they go down to Pinecraft?
Blessings to all! Carol

Vickie said...

Oh a lot of information Jean! I shop at JoAnn for my material also. I did not know the bride chose the color of her servers dresses.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Folks,
I just came back on the internet. I have been off almost 5 days. I can't believe this. Calling, cussing, swearing, telling them I will call my attorney - didn't work. Tell them you are going to call the local TV station - that works.

I have a lot to catch up on after being off for 5 days.


littlemancat said...

So interesting, thanks Jean! Wishing Thomas and his lady a joyful and fulfilling life together.
I was interested that wearing coats was an issue - it gets pretty cold in Winter! Brrrrr..... Glad you folks can wear them.

Lily said...

This was an interesting article. I enjoyed it. I noticed that Thomas' lady is just referred to as Lady. I hope we can learn her name at some point.

Marilyn, sounds like you've been have some annoying problems. I hope everything worked out all right.

Anonymous said...

Jean, thank you. I hope we'll hear much more about the wedding planning.
Some questions:
Where will the wedding be held?
How are weddings similar..or different...in Jean and Anna's faiths?
How far away does Thomas's lady live? Does she attend the same church?

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Folks,
I will see that Jean gets all your messages and questions. Also, I will see that Elmer gets gets his messages and questions. I about went stir crazy not getting on the computer, but the place I missed the most was here - New York State of Mind. I called the telephone company up and thanked them for all they did to get my internet back on. The lady I got was a Christian !! It was very nice talking to her.


Angela Tucker said...

Good evening, Marilyn! Thank goodness you are back. I almost always leave a comment in the morning and come back in the evening to see what I missed! I noticed that you had not commented back the last few days and I kept checking to see what I missed! Don't scare me like that! LOL

I love all the information that has been shared the past week. It is so interesting to hear of other's lives. Thank you to all!

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Angela,
I am glad I am back, too. The line went out Friday morning. They didn't get the first truck to my apartment until Saturday which is funny because I live right down the street from Verizon. They sent a second on Monday. Finally on Tuesday, I am back on. I have to find out about those new things you can get to use when the computer goes. I guess people carry them around with them. So glad to be back.

I have to read the posts because I posted them when they gave them to me but I don't remember what they said. Good thing I did several days ahead. Am going to try to do that every week - just in case.\\