Monday, October 26, 2015


Well. John and Sarah have decided they are going to the hospital to have the baby.  They have a driver on stand by.  If they have to, they will call the ambulance.  Anna and I think it is a good idea especially seeing that the baby is small.  The doctor is glad they chose that way.

I think going through the hospital, and talking with the doctor made them decide.  They also spoke with Bishop Eli, who told them that either way was all right especially seeing the baby was so small and might need medical attention.  It makes us all feel better.

Now we wait to see when the baby is coming.  Anna still says October.

We are also talking with Bishop Joseph and Bishop Eli to see if we can get one to tell about their lives.  I assume you mean their Bishop activities and jobs.  Bishop Eli says it is hard to do  because no two days are alike - Bishop Joseph agrees.  So we are still working on.

Why so some Amish build houses and don't but siding on them?  That is a good question especially seeing that aside from farming, I put siding on our houses.  Our house has it.  Jean and David's house has it.  Michael's Grandmother's house now has it.

Some, I have found, don't put it on because after all the expenses of building the house can't afford it.  Being Amish, if they can't afford it, they don't buy it.  The Swartzentruber are the Amish group that don't have siding on the most.  Sometimes, they feel, if the insulation is on the house, what do they need siding for.  It is a wasted expense.

One Swartzentruber family called for me for a price on putting it put on their house.  I gave them a price.  He wanted to think on it.  His wife was not happy and as we say: When Mama's not happy, no body's happy.  She wanted that siding on.  Finally he decided to put the siding on.  Well, he got the house partly done - then chores came, plowing, etc. and the job didn't get finished.  I hadn't heard from him in over a year until one day I got a call and he wanted to know soon I could get over to finish putting the siding on.  I had other jobs ahead of him, but when I finally got over there, he said he needed peace in his house.  Wife very upset because he didn't get that siding on.  I told him, I would make peace in his house and finish the job, which I did.  He and his wife walked around the house when I was done.  She said to her husband, you should have done this years ago.  When her husband gave me the check, he said finally he had peace.

That Swartzentruber customer got me a few more customers.  Men saw his house and wanted to know who did it. Women see that on the  house and want it on theirs.  Even now, every once in a while, I get a call from their group for the siding on a house.

Why is it acceptable for Amish to drink alcohol?  I didn't know it was..  We do not go into drinking establishments (bars) or order them a dinner in a restaurant.  I know many of the Amish young folk drink when they are on their rumspringa, I know I did when I was on mine, but I stopped before I got baptized.  Which leads to alcohol is allowed to use in some medicines, if necessary.  We also use wine for the blood of Christ in our church for Communion.  Each person only gets a small bit.

I also can not said say that there aren't some Amish that are alcoholic.  It is rare and as far as I know, I don't anyone, but I have heard of some people having that problem.  Of course, it is something that could be kept behind close doors or as we say in the barn.

As far as having wine in our office for an evening drink.  No.  For it to be served for a special occasion. No,  As a gift to someone.  No.

Are Amish allowed to smoke?  No.  But some of the old folks still do.  Back before it was found out how dangerous cigars and cigarettes and chew tobacco were and pipes weren't not allowed, but let's say put up with.  It was considered a waste of money that could be put to a better use, but people were ordered to stop - at least in our group.  Now, we see, it is not only a waste of money, but can cause cancer besides, it is not encouraged.  If your are seen smoking you are encouraged to stop.  But, I know my Father will go out behind the barn and have a cigar especially if he and my Mother had a strong disagreement.  He says in calms the nerves.  He doesn't do it daily or even monthly, but I know he does it.  You can smell the smoke and what he doesn't realize is so can my Mother.

Keep those questions coming in.

Trust God's Wisdom,


Tom said...

Well Anna, I just checked my calendar and there isn't much October left! It's my observation that conservative Amish that I know smoke and chew,

Anonymous said...

Once again, thanks to Elmer. Elmer, how many different Amish groups live I your area? Will you explain the differences between the groups? Also, would Jean, or someone else, tell about the differences between Mennonite groups in your area?

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Marilyn. I shared Elmer's post with my husband this morning. We laughed at the siding story. I was that woman this weekend. I wanted a new toilet and there was no peace until I got my toilet. LOL Have a great day!

dynnamae n said...

Good morning Marilyn. I enjoyed the collection of photos from Sat. and got a laugh about Harvey. What a smart dog. Of course, he is also big enough to reach door knobs and I bet Pierre is smart enough too but just too short! (;
I am happy to read that baby will be born in the hospital. And Oct. is getting short, so we will know soon, who will be right in that debate. Enjoyed the siding story and got a laugh to start the day. Thank you Elmer for all that you share. Hugs to you and Pierre, Marilyn.

Vickie said...

Very interesting Elmer. So exciting that baby is almost here! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Elmer, Wisdom at work! I'm so glad John+Sarah decided to have their baby in the hospital, especially since it appears the baby will be small. Praying all will be well in labor, delivery, and recovery for both Sarah and her little one. Oh, of course, for John also. I should think he's nervous with this being their first born.
I believe you+Anna, John+Sarah also have your wedding anniversaries upcoming in Nov? Happy Anniversary! Blessings, Carol

littlemancat said...

Thanks Elmer - and Marilyn too - for this interesting post. Just adding my good wishes to John and Sarah, also glad that they plan to use the hospital. Seems a good decision.
Loved the siding story - wish that Elmer lived nearby a couple of years ago when we had ours re-done.
Another question - for Elmer or Jean or Anna. We live near Lancaster county in PA and when in that area sometimes see young women, young moms with children, usually who wear long skirts, but not plain skirts. Often rather fashionable denin, often very nice looking leather jackets, even expensive looking clothes and they wear little scarves or head coverings of a black material. Any idea what their faith/church may be? Just thought I'd ask.
Thanks for your wonderful posts,

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Everyone,
I will see that Elmer, John, Sarah and Anna get your messages and questions.