Saturday, October 24, 2015


This and That are pictures that I have only one picture of that don't fit into a post. but I want you to see.  First is an old gas pump I found standing along side the road.  Picture two is a wagon for hauling - I think.  Third is the picture of the bunny I saw along side the road.  Someone hawked at me and it took off, but the only bunny picture I have this year.Next is Harvey - the St. Bernard.  He knows how to open the doors at his house, so he lets himself out sometimes.  His owners are not to happy about that.  I was sitting on my porch chair and this bird flew up to eat some of the flower seeds.  He must not be afraid of humans.


Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Marilyn. LOL at Harvey. If the door is open, my George can let himself IN and OUT if the screen door isn't quite latched. LOL

Nancy Vdm said...

Hi Folks,
I have bee unable to get an internet since last Friday on my computer. It is Verizon's fault. They expect to be on tomorrow sometime, but they have been saying that since Friday. I have posts on, I think, until Thursday.

Just want you to I am okay. At a friend's house right now using hers. Will be on as soon as I can.


Nancy Vdm said...

PLEASE DO NOT SEND MAIL to the above address. It's a friend of min's and I don't think she will want all our messages. I am just her now,. I didn't think her name would come on.


Tom said...

The gas pump is my favorite.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Tom,
It was my favorite, too.