Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I haven't been on for a while.  My sister Hannah and I have been taking care of our Mother with Alzheimer Diease.  Sometimes she has good days, but most of her days are not so good days.  She doesn't know where she is or who we are. But it is God's will and she is still with us is what counts.

I am also giving this to Marilyn on Saturday. As we have church tomorrow, we didn't think it would be the best to call Bishop Eli or Emma tonight.

What you might find interesting is our Bishops does not write out what they are going to speak about.  Bishop Eli says sometimes he knows what he is going to speak about on Sunday as he does chores.  Some times he doesn't know until he gets to church.  This means that none of the Ministers or Deacons know what they are going to speak about until Bishop tells them what he is speaking about.  Bishop Eli believes God tells him what to speak about.  Bishop Eli doesn't hear voices or alike, but he says he feels the Lord wants him to speak on a certain subject.  A certain message that the Lord wants.

John, Sarah and Baby John are coming along well.  We were so glad we could have Baby John at our house for Thanksgiving.  Sarah and I decided we would only allow a few people see him at a time and hold him for a certain time.  Everything went real well.  Baby John is such a good boy.  As Sarah said, he very seldom cries.  Even during the night, it is very rare that he cries.

Sarah had to take him to the doctor for a check up and asked the doctor because John does not cry.  The doctor said what I did, to enjoy him because all babies are not like that.  In fact, few are like that.  The next child will probably not be that quiet.

Baby John came trough the check up very well.  He is putting on weight and getting bigger.  He is still small, but is getting there.  Doctor felt that he will be taller than Elmer, but wouldn't be as tall as John.  It is really to early to tell how tall Baby John will be.

Next Sunday, as it isn't church week, we are having a party for John and Sarah's first wedding anniversary.  We are having family and friends over.  Because of Baby John, we are celebrating over a month late.

I feel for all that Jean is going through for the Thomas' wedding.  Have tried to help her when I could.  Told her the first wedding is the hardest - it gets easier with each one after that.  As Elmer said, I think things will be easier when Grandmother gets up here from Florida.  Grandmother Olive has handled so many weddings, she will get things done and Jean calmed down.  I am sure it will be a wonderful wedding.

As the Bride and Groom's Mothers usually don't see the couple take their vows as they are working in the kitchen, I told Jean, I was taking over the kitchen at that time so she and Olive could see Thomas and Ruth  take theirs.  There will be several Old Order Mennonite and some of us Amish friends there, so there will be enough to run the kitchen.

For our wedding present, Bishop Eli and Emma's present and Eli's' parents gift, we are giving Thomas and Ruth a trip to Pinecraft.  We, Eli and Emma are paying their round trip on Amtrak.  Eli's parents are furnishing the cottage.  They could stay with Albert and Olive, but we thought they would want to stay in their own place.  I am sure Olive and Fanny will see that they get meals, go places and do things.  Even when us adults go down there, they take care of us.

Thomas and Ruth don't know they are getting it yet.  We did this for John and Sarah when they got married.  Old Order Mennonites or Amish don't have honeymoons, we feel they should go on a trip now because if they have children, they might not get the chance.

The only thing is they can't go when we go.  So when we will have to work out.  We checked with David and Jean to see if they would think it is a good idea and they thought Thomas and Ruth will really like the trip.

Well I will sign off now.

Trust God's Wisdom,


Tom said...

Busy, busy folks!

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Marilyn. Wow, so much to do. Time is speeding by...How sweet of Anna to offer to run the kitchen for a little bit so Jean and Olive can watch the vows. Very thoughtful.

Have a great day!

Vickie said...

Wow! The trip to Pinecraft is a fantastic gift!

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Tom,
They are busy right now.


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Angela,
I thought was nice of Anna, too. Time is sure speeding by.


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,

They hope Thomas and Ruth feel the same way. I think they will.

Hugs to Mable, Henry and Murphy,
Marilyn and Pierre

denimflyz said...

I just lost both of my parents to Alzheimer's. My mom in June, my Dad in October. I took care of them until I could no longer physically and mentally do it. I had no help. I had to finally place them in a skilled care facility.
It is the most draining, unforgiving job ever.
I have had no life, and then I end up becoming physically ill and having to deal with blindness from the demanding stress.
My heart goes out to you and my prayers. The Lord helped me, but it was still hard.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning denimflyz.
My heart is with you. I went through Alzheimer with Mom and Dementhia with my Dad. Both of them are gone now. I know what you went through. It is the most draining job. You have no life and it drains you. Sure hope you sight comes back. I, too, had to finally put my parents in a skilled care facility. The Lord helped me too or I never would have made it.

My heart goes to you and I will see that Anna gets your message.


littlemancat said...

Thanks to Anna and to Elmer yesterday for their always interesting posts. Sending good thoughts to Anna and her sister in the caring of their mother - it's wonderful that they are able to give the care and also that they, in turn, are supported by loving family and friends.
Love the wedding gift - kind and generous, too.
Happy to hear that Baby John is doing well - best wishes to that new little family too.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hello Mary,
I will see that Anna and Elmer get your messages. They do get a lot of loving support.


dynnamae n said...

I enjoyed your fife and drum photos, Marilyn, and thought they would have been nice to listen to. Anna's pumpkin bread is good I'm sure. I love anything pumpkin and have many recipes for it. How wonderful to give the gift of a trip to the newlyweds. I'm sure Thomas and Ruth will enjoy that later on. So good to hear how baby John is growing and doing well. Thanks to all of them for sharing with us.