Monday, August 29, 2016


Pierre came through the operation fine.  The day after the operation, I took him back to the vet to have him checked out again.  The vet said he was healing and everything was great.

Then she asked me if Pierre slept.  I said yes.  She asked if I slept.  I said no.  I was worried about Pierre.  The vet told me to get some sleep.  Well, I still worried about Pierre.  Yesterday and today, I was exhausted.

So I decided to take some time off. I called Nutrition where I volunteer and told them I wasn't coming in this week.  I am still walking Bella, the dog across the street.  But, I want to take off for a few days to get caught up on some rest.

I hope you understand.

Marilyn and Pierre


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Pierre is doing fine. Take care of yourself, rest is important.

Vanssmomc said...

Wonderful news to hear that Pierre is healing well, now you need to get some rest, please take care of yourself. Cathy in Webster

Tom said...

Take better care of yourself, Marilyn!

Vickie said...

I suggest a good nap WITH Pierre! ;) You will both be refreshed.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Everyone
Thank you for your understanding. So glad Pierre is doing so well. He was chasing some of his toys this morning. Pierre and I are taking naps together.

Today, I might go drive in Amish area today. It's so relaxing to me and I haven't been there in over a month.

Elmer, Anna and Jean told me to relax. NYSOM wouldn't end if I took a few days off.


littlemancat said...

As they often are, Elmer,Anna, and Jean are right. We all understand that sometimes you need a break. And sleeping poorly can really do you in - I know.
Sending you all good thoughts, happy that Pierre's doing well. His photo is cute!

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Mary,
That picture of Pierre was taken shortly after he came home after having his surgery. He had jumped on the bed. I don't do advertising here, but I will have more pictures of Pierre and tell about that donut around his neck. That was the best thing I ever bought over that plastic thing vets but on dogs.

Glad you understand I need a break sometimes. Pierre and I are enjoying our naps.


New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Folks,
Don't understand these new fanggled cars. The oil light lights up so I called the garage. I found out that it doesn't mean the car is low on oil. It means it's time to change the oil. I have an appointment to get the oil changed tomorrow. Yes, I can drive it today.

Also called the Police to ask if it against the law if the dog rides in the front seat of the car. Pierre is usually in the back, but sometimes he gets in the front, lies down and puts his head on knee. It this illegal in New York State? No, according to the Officer. What is illegal is if Pierre is standing on my lap and blocking my vision. Or standing on my lap with his head out the window. Well, I would never allow Pierre standing on my lap or with his head out the window.


Anonymous said...

Delighted to hear that Pierre is doing well. He looks so happy in his photo - you are a good dog mom! Thanks for the update, was a little worried there that things hadn't gone well, but very glad to hear that you were taking time off to take care of yourself (and Pierre, of course).

Anonymous said...

Glad to know Pierre is on the mend, that all is ok per the Dr. Now, Marilyn, you must rest+take care of yourself. You know you won't be any good to Pierre or any other people if you're too pooped-to-pop! Being out in Jean's+Anna's neck-of-the-woods sounds like a wonderful plan to me! Blessings galore! Carol

Rosemary said...

Marilyn, i am so glad you are taking time off to rest while Pierre is mending. You are in my prayers. Take good care of yourself. Rosemary xxx

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, they are really appreciated. It is so kind of you. Pierre and I had a nap this afternoon and we are going to bed now.

I went out and got some pictures in a Amish and Old Order Mennonite area. Went on roads I had never been on before. It's not where Elmer, Anna, Jean or David live although I have pictures of a house Elmer put the siding on. I plan on going to their house later in the week. Anna, Jean and I are going to get together at Jean's for lunch.